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1 and 3 in Chapter 5, and Questions 8 and 9 in Chapter 6.

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Do 1 and 3 in chapter 5, and questions 8 and 9 in chapter 6.
For Chapter 5 question 1: One of the potential problems mentioned in the chapter with gathering information requirements by observing potential system users is that people may change their behavior when observed. What could you do to overcome this potential confounding factor in accurately determining information requirements? (5 points)
There is no doubt that an employee may change their attitude or work behavior when they are being observed. One thing that I would do is keep observing the employee, however informing the employee before the observation would allow the employee to attempt to work with their best quality while being observe. This will allow the observer to identify the issues that the worker really has.
For Chapter 5 question 3: Suppose you were asked to lead a JAD session. List ten guidelines you would follow in playing the proper role of a JAD session leader. (5 points)
Chap 5, Question 3: Ten Guidelines listed
1. Limit the distraction to focus on meeting
2. Set an agenda and keep the session on track
3. Always remain neutral
4. Identify and address critical political and organizational issues early
5. Establish the executive sponsor as the tiebreaker
6. Facilitator should be train and be critically involved
7. Team attendance and participation are mandatory
8. Respond to ideas that relate to the project
9. Keep the team in check on topics that relate to the meeting
10. Involve all the team disregarding the department they may be from
For chapter 6 question 8: Consider the DFD in Figure 6–20. List three errors (rule violations) on this DFD. (5 points)
Process P1 only has inputs not outputs. Black hole
Data flow DF5 should not move directly from source E1 to data store DS1 without first going through a process.
Data flow DF1 should not move directly from source E1 to sink E2 without first going through a process.
For chapter 6, question 9: Consider the three DFDs in Figure 6–21. List three errors (rule violations) on these DFDs. (5 points)…...

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