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Seeking a position as a coach in order to display my many experiences as a coach and teacher.
2015-present Doctoral program of Sports Management North Central University
2012-2014 MED Special Education, North Central University,
2010-2013 Lateral Entry Program-UCPS, Special Education Teacher
1994-2001 Benedict College, B.S. Therapeutic Recreation Special Education Teacher
2008-present, Behavior Focus Teacher
UCPS-Monroe High School Develop instructional and behavioral intervention activities for students with severe chronic behavior issues. Responsibilities include tutoring students, correcting classroom work, intervening on student behavior, preparing classroom materials and assisting students on computer based learning called Compass Learning.Depending upon individual assignment, duties may also include clerical work such as typing and duplicating materials, providing basic first aid, or supervising students through the school day. High School Coach
2006-Present, Def. Coordinator/ D-line coach/Asst. Head Football Coach; Head Middle School Wrestling Coach;Asst. Baseball Coach
UCPS-Monroe High School Position is responsible for coaching student athletes in game strategies and techniques to prepare them for athletic competition. Position motivates student athletes to develop an appreciation of the sport. Residential Counselor
2004-2008, Residential Counselor
One Love Developmental Services, Monroe, NC Duties include but are not limited to:
- Direct client care and supervision in a residential setting
- Support and assistance with client personal care, daily living skills, and self help skills
- Tracking and implementing behavioral programs
- Supervision of recreational…...

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