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A Rocket to the Moon

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Ever enough *Capo on 1* INTRO:C G Am F (PLUCKING) C G No Im never gonna leave you darling Am No Im never gonna go regardless F Everything inside of me is leaving in your heartbeat C G Even when all the lights are fading Even then if your hope was shaking Am F Im here holding on [Chorus:] C Am Dm I will always be yours for ever and more F G For the push and the pull C Am I still drown in your love Dm And drink till Im drunk F And all that Ive done is it ever enough C F VERSE 2 C G Im hanging on a line here baby I need more than ifs and maybes Am Well come down from the highest heights F Still searching for the reason why C G And now I know what its like, Am Reaching from the other side F After all that Ive done CHORUS C Am Dm I will always be yours for ever and more F G For the push and the pull C Am I still drown in your love Dm And drink till Im drunk F And all that Ive done is it ever enough BRIDGE: F Am G For all that its worth is it worth it F Am G Cause more than its hard to desert it F Am G For all that its worth is it worth it F Am G How do we know without searching C Am Dm I will write you this song to get back whats ours F G Would that be enough CHORUS: Am Dm I will always be yours for ever and more F G For the push and the pull C Am I still drown in your love Dm And drink till Im drunk F And all that Ive done is it ever enough C Am G For all that its worth, is it worth it Is it ever enough F Am G How could we know without searching C Is it ever enough

Song: First Kiss
Album: That Old Feeling EP

Chords Used: C-G-Em-D (pretty much same chords the whole there enjoy :))

I pulled up to a drive
I tightened up my tie
And I need to make her wait
No sleep from the night before
Her dad answers the front door
And already knows my name

I stand in fear
As she gets near
That everything's okay
I hope this feeling never goes away


I never thought
I'd find a love like this
There's no need
To hide that feeling we get
Whenever we touch
We can't resist
We go back to our first day
Our first kiss

Her face lit by a movie screen
She's leanin' into me
And time seems to slip away
Later on we take a walk and
Good thing she likes to talk
'Cause I can't think of what to say

She looks at me
And she can see
The chance I wanna take
She moves in close
And take my breath away

And every time feels like a first time
Looking back to what we had
It never went away
As she makes me feel it every day

A Rocket to the Moon - Like We Used To
From the album: On Your Side

Intro: D - F#m - G - Bm - A D - F#m - G - Gm

D F#m G
I could feel her breath as she’s sleeping next to me
Bm A G
Sharing pillows and cold feet
D F#m G
She can feel my heart; fell asleep to its beat
Bm A G
Under blankets and warm sheets
Em D A
If only I could be in that bed again
Em D A (4x)[abrupt stop]
If only it were me instead of him

Does he watch your favorite movies? F#m
Does he hold you when you cry? G
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts? Bm A
When you’ve seen it a million times D
Does he sing to all your music? Em
While you dance to purple rain Bm A G [let it ring]
Does he do all these things?

Like I used to?

Instrumental: D - F#m - G - Bm - A D - F#m - G - Bm - A

D F#m G fourteen months and seven days ago, Bm A G
Oh I know you know how we felt about that night
D F#m G
Just your skin against the window Bm A G
But we took it slow and we both know
Em D A
It should've been me inside that car
Em D A (5x)
It should have been me instead of him in the dark

Does he watch your favorite movies? F#m
Does he hold you when you cry? G
Does he let you tell him all your favorite parts? Bm A
When you’ve seen it a million times D
Does he sing to all your music? Em
While you dance to purple rain Bm A G-
Does he do all these things? D
Like I used to.
I know, love (I’m a sucker for that feeling) D A
Happens all the time, love (I always end up feeling cheated) G
You’re on my mind, love (Oh darlin', I know I’m not needed)

And that happens all the time, love yeah

Will he love you like I loved you? F#m
Will he tell you everyday? G
Will he make you feel like your invincible Bm A
With every word he’ll say D
Can you promise me that this was right? Em
Don’t throw it all away Bm A G
Can you do all these things? Bm A G
Will you do all these things? D
Like we used to

D - F#m - G - Bm - A
D - F#m - G - Bm - A - D…...

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