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A Social Worker Case Study Summary

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A Social Worker Case Study


A Social Worker Case Study

The social worker in the case study displays characteristics of an effective helper. An effective helper has accurate empathy for her clients (O'Hagan, 2007). The helping relationship begins with the development of trust and empathy. The worker seems to understand the clients’ pain. Compassion and understanding assist the helper to identify with a problem. The employee acknowledges how heartbreaking it is to watch the family submit the care of their loved ones to the institution. The worker has absolute desire to help the clients recover. She reveals warmth as she interacts daily with residents, families, and staff in the institution.

Values are important in influencing the use of her skills. Professional ethics guides her actions. The social worker treats the residents with respect, dignity, and integrity. As a human service professional, she is expected to maintain confidentiality about clients’ condition except in cases where there is suspected danger or harm to themselves or others (Doel, 2012). Her prior work experience motivated the use of her skills. She is thorough in what she does. She obtains a comprehensive psychological report on each client and draws decisions from the history obtained from the assessments.

At community level, the social worker plays the role of advocacy. She is persuasive, assertive, and patient in her day-to-day encounter with patients. She is a community organizer. She organizes and coordinates financial aid to long-term residents without sponsorship and is a community organizer. It is vital for the human service professional to provide information about social issues that are likely to affect the public (O'Hagan, 2007).

Difficulties of social work are common. Social workers have…...

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