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A Walk to Remember Reflection

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1.) What salient point struck you most regarding the meaning of true love?

True love means loving and accepting the person with all your heart. In right time and place, God will send you someone who you do not expect. It is true that you cannot choose who you are going to love and what qualities he/she should possessed. Two people may have individual differences, but these will bind them together and keep them stronger. You would become the best person you could ever be because of the person you love. Also, if you truly love someone, you will have respect and faith with one another.

2.) Cite situations in the film which reflects the element of true love.

When Landon met and fell in love with Jaime, everything about Landon has changed. He became a better person because of Jaime. He stopped doing pranks to others with his naughty friends. He started to forgive and accept his father. He granted Jaime's wishes like getting a tattoo and marrying at the same church where her parents got married. He even saved Jaime from humiliation. In these situations, it is evident that true love will bring out the best in every person. Also, element of true love is reflected during the time when Landon discovered that Jaime is sick. Through ups and downs, he was always there for and never left Jaime. Even until the last days of Jaime, Landon did everything to express his unconditional love for her. He took care of her at the hospital, asked for his father's help for Jaime's sake, made a telescope so they could see the sky together, learned to dance Jaime well and even married her.

3.) What lessons can you derive from the movie?

What I've learned from the movie is that we should always have faith and respect to the person we love. We should always believe in the goodness of one another. Being truly in love is not only being with the person you love during the happiest…...

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