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Abc Commercial Lengths vs Mtv

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August 16, 2011
Statistics project

ABC Commercial lengths vs MTV
The goal of this study was to test the hypothesis; MTV commercials are longer than ABC commercials. To do this the study was designed to be Quantitative: consist of numeric measurements and counts. Our study is measured in seconds so it was Quantitative. The level of measurement used Ratio; because in this study a zero entry is an inherent zero and not just a place on a scale. You cannot for example have -5 seconds of commercials; the lowest amount would be zero which would mean there were no commercials. The way the study was performed was Observational study: the researcher observes and measures characteristics of a part of a population but does not change existing conditions. Our study is observational because during the course of the research only observatory measurements were taken. The persons doing the study did not in any form interact with subject to change the result. The sampling technique was random sample, a sample in which every member of a population has an equal chance of being selected. The study is a random sample because the study did not test a specific time frame. There are no apparent confounding variables, however if all measurements were taken in the same timeframe, they may not show the whole picture. For example a show that has a more loyal following may be able to have longer commercials knowing the audience will still be there when it’s over.
To process the data, the first thing done was the creation of frequency table and graphs. These are shown below.

From looking at the table and graphs you can see why the mean would be higher for MTV as the concentration of 1/3 of ABC commercials are in the 174-192 second class. MTV is more gradual of a slope with 2/3 of its commercials being in the 193-211, 212-230, 231-249 classes. For ABC these three classes…...

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