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Part 1: Qualitative and Design process considerations 1.1 Diagrams
Fig 1. Design process consideration for a high performance acoustic studio building

Fig2: Qualitative and Design process considerations

1.2 Daylight design process
The day lighting design process involves the identification of a lighting need and the selection of the most appropriate method for delivering the appropriate day lighting in this case. The process begins with determining the building type. The type of building gives the set of visual tasks that have an associated lighting criteria which is used in the design process. In addition, it indicates the likely size and mass of the building. The feature is important because the lighting concepts that are generated for single-storey buildings will be remarkably different from those that are used in high-rise offices (Yancey 9). Moreover, there are numerous feedback loops that can be used during the design process. For instance, as I generate day lighting system concepts I can re-evaluate the resource measurements to identify their adequacy in giving me the information that I need to produce an effective process. A good example is that a day lighting system that relies upon sunlight cannot be evaluated using the average sunlight intensity collected over a wide range of cloudiness. As a result, the appropriate time scale that should be used in each scenario is determined by the resource measurements that are being assessed. Moreover, there are cost limitations that influence the frequency and types of measurement that can be done during the design process. Consequently, I am constantly assessing the type and quantity of data that I need. The final design must meet all the relevant energy codes that are required for it to be complaint with approved standards.

Resource measurement and Characterization
Resource measurement and Characterization
Fig 3: Daylight design process (Ander 1)

Day lighting Concept Generation
Day lighting Concept Generation

Day lighting modeling Studies
Day lighting modeling Studies

Whole-Body Energy Simulations
Whole-Body Energy Simulations

Part 2: Detail designs for optimizing daylight (Yancey 9). |

Fig 2: Whole building design (Yancey 9).

In optimizing day lighting, the features that are given the most prominence are basic acuity and performance issues such as veiling reflections, distribution, glare, and variety. The strategies that are used include increasing perimeter day light zones to maximize the usable day lighting area. In addition, an effort is made to allow daylight penetration high in a space (Yancey 9). The windows that are located high in a wall. Moreover, I try to reflect day light within the space to increase brightness within the room. Furthermore, Slope ceilings can be used to increase the amount of light that is getting into the room. Sloping the ceiling away from the penetration region enables it to increase the surface brightness of the ceiling (Ander 1). In addition, I also avoid directing beam day light into visual tasks. Excessive brightness in the space would result in poor visibility and discomfort. I also ensure that the light getting into the building is filtered. The approach reduces the harshness of the direct light. I also understand that the different building orientations need different day lighting strategies. For instance, light shelves need to be placed on the east or west elevations of buildings to maximize their effect on southern facades (Ander 1). Work Cited
Ander, Gregg D. Day lighting. 23 October 2014. Web. 23 June 2015:

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