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Motivation and goals LNG will become a prime fuel for ships and trucks in the foreseeable future. The European Union and national governments have outlined their policies, and many companies are preparing for a transition period towards intensive use of LNG. There is a strong need in industry for the development of the building blocks needed to develop their business cases. We develop these building blocks, some business cases, as well as methods for planning and control of the logistics in LNG synchromodal transportation networks. Activities / work packages I. LNG supply chains and synchromodal transport networks: providing an identification of markets and demand to serve, economic and sensitivity analyses, definition of logistical requirements and options for synchromodal transportation. II. Multi-modal inventory-routing problems: deriving tools to enable an efficient and effective supply to distribution points in the network through synchromodal operations. III. Direct delivery multi-modal transportation problems: deriving decision tools to enable efficient direct ship-to-ship refuelling at sea. Expected results: The main objective is to derive solution approaches to design LNG synchromodal transportation networks and tools for planning of transportation and replenishment operations to enable accessibility and efficient usage of this type of fuel for all modes of transport. Market identification, demand forecasts, economic analyses and business cases are intended outcomes of this study. The developed knowledge base on LNG-specific aspects in logistics can strengthen the development efforts of the sector in The Netherlands and can aid to position Dutch companies at the frontier of development of LNG networks in Europe. Innovativeness: Due to changes in European laws, an increased usage of LNG as fuel for ships,…...

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...Running Head: ADA VERSUS ADM ADA versus ADM Christina Dickinson Grand Canyon University: EDA 535 November 8, 2011 ADA Versus ADM Many factors must go into account when distributing funds in schools. Some of the funds must be distributed between administration, teachers and support staff salaries, bus drivers, coaches, and school police to name a few. Once all the funds are distributed throughout the district, then the focus becomes on student allocation. When allocating money for students, the school district needs to take into consideration meal plans for the lower economical students, after school activities, and extra-curricular programs. The question becomes whether or not we allocate funds bases on our students daily attendance or their average daily membership? In order to determine how student funds should be allocated we must understand what average daily attendance (ADA) and average daily membership (ADM) and the differences between the two. It is important to also understand how each of them could be applies to our school districts budget. According to EdSource, average daily attendance is defined as the total number of days of attendance for all students divided by the total number of school days in a given period (2011). There are many aspects to think about when deciding whether ADA will work for our school district. As a school district, we must look into how many students we have to provide funding for throughout the entire district. We......

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