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Although the Spread of the Internet Has Helped to Create a More Diverse World, It Has Not Helped to Create a Freer or More Equal One

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Advance in technology have led to the birth of many new methods of electronic communication, such as social networking websites and videoconferences.( Zachary Fenell, n.d, how technology has improved communication)
Using technology and internet had made the people different, now most of the global communication has changed into a diversity way which using several popular social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Through all these social website or apps, people live in different countries could be able to keep in touch to their friends as internet make no distance and also could make friends through in the internet. According to (Hemangi Harankhedkar,2011) The Internet has indeed made the world a small place and living life easier. And the rapid progress of technology has made it possible to access the Internet from anywhere through plenty of means. Therefore, from the mentioned in reference it shows internet is essential to people nowadays in terms of finding information, communication or even entertainment.

Internet use dramatically increased worldwide between 1995 and 2000.Today, approximately 55 percent of the North American population is online (Howard Rainie,2002) There are several areas that using internet would benefit . Most people using internet for entertaining. Facilities like listening to online music, downloading music and movies provide a platform for entertainment. Many students use it for educational purposes, like for finding study material or for applying to some college or university.( Hemangi Harankhedkar,2011) The use of the Internet for networking and communication is very popular among all age groups. Those platform are used for people, who can share their photographs or video, communicate with each other by using chat website such as Skype. However, there are several negative impact on society as mentioned in(Darrell…...

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