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Mobile E-Learning System (MLS) a Support for Disseminating Learning Materials

Janeth Colis
Rexie Gella
Ahmeir Ungad
Julito Tabe Jr.
Erica mae Hipona

Chapter 1

The Problem

Introduction Some of the common ways of distributing learning’s materials in schools are through hard copy and given on a social media like facebook page, however, there are still problems that’s students have encountered. In regard with the distribution of hard copy, some student may fail to grab their own photo copy because of absent in the class or forgot to photocopy on their own. Though this study of mobile E-Learning system student will be able view their subject topic o n their mobile devices

Statement of the Problem As the researchers conduct this study about E-learning system, there are several problems that they find important to rescue upon knowing its background. The researcher focused to the main problem on how to implement the mobile E-learning system.

1. What method to be use to organize learning material? 2. What technology to be adapted in order easily convey learning? 3. How to integrate mobile learning system to web learning system? 4. How efficiency is the use method in mobile e-learning system?

Objective of the Study These study aims to help develop a new way of learning of the student using website through the mobile application which make easy the viewing the subject information. 1. The method to be use using the mobile to organize learning material. 2. The technology to be adapted is using a mobile application in order easily to convey learning. 3. To integrate mobile learning system by disseminating the web to the mobile using cloud storage. 4. The efficiency to be use method is using mobile in mobile e-learning system.

Scope and Limitation

This study aims to develop a new way of learning of the students…...

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