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Marketing Report on: abc

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Submitted as mandatory requirement for the course “Principles of Marketing” in the Program, Master/Bachelor of Business Administration

Table of Contents

Company Description
Organization Structure (Emphasizing the Marketing Function) Product Mix (with PLC Analysis) Target Market & Segmentation Promotion Strategy (& Positioning)
Pricing Strategy Marketing Channels/Distribution Strategy SWOT Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Sales/Financial Data

Note: The page numbers given above are only for demonstration; they should not be taken as recommended length of a section/part.

Company Description

The company description should highlight the history and evolution of the company, as well as provide data about its age, size and geographic scope and operations.


The Mission/Vision statement is a high-level, qualitative statement that specifies the overall markets and product lines in which a business will compete. Mission/Vision statements can be found on a company’s official websites/literature.

Organization Structure

Organization structure gives the differentiation as well as reporting relationships in an organization. Particular emphasis must be placed on the Marketing Structure within the organization.

Product Mix & PLC Analysis

This part gives a complete description of the company’s product mix with breadth and depth. A Product Life Cycle Analysis places its various product lines in its current PLC stage with sound justifcations.

Target Market and Segmentation

A detailed profile of the targeted customer groups and the segmentation approach/basis used by the company (e.g.…...

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