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An Assessment of Customer Services in Financial Institution

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An Assessment Of Customer Service In Financial Institution (A Case Study Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc Enugu)


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1. Background of study 2. Statement of the study 3. Purpose of the study 4. Signification of the study 5. Research question 6. Research hypothesis 7. Scope of the study 8. Definition of terms.

CHAPTER TWO 2. Review of Related literature 1. Customer service in union bank of Nigeria plc garden Venue Enugu 2. The role of customer service department in union bank 3. Some service facilities provided by the bank. 4. Customer expectation as factors which affect their patronage of a bank. 5. Customers service benefits of Good customers service. 6. Causes and effect of poor customer service and suggested solution 7. Customer service in UBN garden avenue 8. Service strategies and polices 9. Attitude efficiency and motivation 3. Summary of the related literature

CHAPTER THREE 3.0 Research methodology 1. Design of the study 2. Area of the study 3. Population 4. Sample and sampling techniques 5. Instrument used 6. Validity and reliability of the instrument 7. Method of data collation 8. Method of data analysis

CHAPTER FOUR 4. Data presentation and analysis 1. Presentation of data 2. Data analysis 3. Test hypothesis

CHAPTER FIVE 5. Finding conclusion and recombination 1. Summary of finding 2. Conclusion 3. Recommendation



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