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2.0 ANALYSIS PHASE 3.1. Determining System Requirement
The analysis phase is to define the problem for planning phase. The system requirements are studied, structured and examined in greater detail with thoroughly studies by the Heritage Hotel current system procedures. Since our system is approved by top management, our Information Systems Development Team has started to determine what system requirement that users expected. During requirement determination, we used several methods to gather current system information and system requirement for Hotel Reservation system. The methods are divided into two categories which is traditional methods and modern method. Traditional methods included interviewing, questionnaire, observation and documentation review. While, modern method includes Joint Application Design (JAD).

3.2. Data Gathering Techniques
Analysis is a detailed study of the various operations performed by a system and their relationships within and outside of the system. Analysis was conducted to understand the proposed project, to ensure that it will support business requirements, and build a solid foundation for system development. During analysis phase, all the data will be collected whether in traditional method or modern method or both of them. The traditional approach is to organize and convert the data though system flowcharts, which future developments of the system and simplify communication with the user.

3.3.1. Traditional Interview
Interviewing is one of the primary ways to collect information about an information system project. It’s also one of the important fact-finding tools during the system analysis phase. We interviews management people from different level in order to know what are the issues that faced by them in using the current system. We gather information from our interview in…...

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