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OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY In order to have a clear understanding on the A STUDY ON EVENT MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS the following objectives have been framed. 1. Understand the present scenario of event management business. 2. Study the Promotional methods followed by event management companies. 3. Analyse the problems faced by the event management companies. 4. Comprehend the business prospects. SCOPE OF THE STUDY * The present study is confined to EVENT MANAGEMENT in kanyakumari. *
Now a day’s EVENT MANAGEMENT industry gaining a lot of important in INDIA .The EVENT MANAGEMENT market shows stable growth

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This modern age of distraction it is important to make events memorable and to make sure that guests of the event are remembering, and even talking about, the event days and weeks after it is over. Event planners need to provide their clients with creative solutions to combat shrinking budgets. Adapting to the inevitable rise in cost or finding other ways of keeping costs down has been a concern that is as relevant today as it has been for many years now.
An increased sustainability and environmental focus is more essential in today’s corporate environment. Keeping up-to-date with new developments, products and services through social media, newsletters and relevant marketing materials at exhibitions. Allocating the right resources with the right skills is an everyday challenge for most businesses, but in the ever changing world of event management this challenge requires constant supervision and updating. FAILURE TO KEEP TRACK OF THE CHANGING SCOPE OF THE EVENT. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The mantra behind the old cliche is certainly essential to overcoming the challenges met in today’s event management environment. Ultimately within event management “anything that can go wrong…...

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