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History ……………………………….. 1
Timeline ……………………………….. 2
Old Design ……………………………….. 3
Old Product Description ………………………………... 4
New Design ……………………………….. 5
New Product Features ………………………………... 6
Target Consumer …………………………………. 7
Competitors ………………………………... 8
Financial Plan ………………………………... 9
Distribution Process ………………………………….. 10
Marketing Strategy …………………………………. 11
Sales …………………………………. 12
Balance Sheet …………………………………. 13

History of Ang Tibay Shoes * Toribio Teodoro, was known as the "king of Filipino shoes" and the founder of the brand “ANG TIBAY”. Teodoro was the son of poor parents from Tondo. Barely 12-years-old, he began working in a cigar factory. He gave up his job to start a business enterprise with his friend, Juan Katindig. In November 1910, they opened a small shop at 821 Calle Cervantes (now Rizal Avenue) that sold shoes and slippers bearing "Ang Tibay" brand. * He formally registered it as trademark on Sept. 29, 1915. * The two friends' profitable partnership ended in 1921. Toribio Teodoro, at first in partnership with Juan Katindig and later as sole proprietor, has continuously used "Ang Tibay," both as a trade-mark and as a trade-name, in the manufacture and sale of slippers, shoes, and indoor baseballs since 1910. When Katindig decided to venture into a new business. With his share of their earnings, Teodoro established his own "Ang Tibay Footwear Factory" in 1922. Under his efficient management, the firm metamorphosed, 10 years later, into one of the biggest enterprises in the Philippines. By 1930, Ang Tibay was producing 1,000 pairs of shoes daily. By the early 1950s, Ang Tibay's production rate was up to 3,000 pairs of shoes daily; making it the country's leading footwear manufacturer at that time. * The growth of his business is a thrilling epic of Filipino industry and business capacity. Starting in an obscure shop in 1910 with a modest capital of P210 but with tireless industry and unlimited perseverance, Toribio Teodoro, then an unknown young man making slippers with his own hands but now a prominent business magnate and manufacturer with a large factory operated with modern machinery by a great number of employees, has steadily grown with his business to which he has dedicated the best years of his life and which he has expanded to such proportions that his gross sales from 1918 to 1938 aggregated P8,787,025.65. His sales in 1937 amounted to P1,299,343.10 and in 1938, P1,133,165.77. His expenses for advertisement from 1919 to 1938 aggregated P210,641.56. * Business bankruptcy
Due to the growth of the business, the company decided to manufactured not only shoes but also slippers and combat boots.
But later in 1960’s, “Ang Tibay Shoes” was officially closed due to bankruptcy on April 30. Anastacio Victorio, the company's former storeroom supervisor, said that "lost all contracts because our boots were expensive”. * But Victorio, said the high-quality of ang tibay boots have been "replaced by low quality, cheap combat boots from China." * Goodfit was the former Ang Tibay, for many decades the country's premier manufacturer of leather shoes. The RSBS took over Ang Tibay after the firm failed to pay its loans.
Ang Tibay was the legacy of Toribio Teodoro, legendary Filipino industrialist. Ang Tibay shoes were so good that they were even exported. Most of them were made in that huge factory in Caloocan. * 1910’s - 1920’s (The Slipper King)
Teodoro was the undisputed King of Slippers and Shoes in the Commonwealth era. At age 20, Teodoro figured that there was a future in footwear. He switched to slipper making in a shop on Calle Juan Luna. A step ahead of his time. For the next three years, he worked in several slipper shops, gaining experience and putting up capital. In 1910, he finally saved enough to go into the slipper business. He opened his first shop in a nipa-roofed structure on Rizal Avenue and called it Ang Tibay.

* 1930’s – 1940’s (Slippers to Shoes, The Big Step)
Towards the end of that decade, Teodoro experimented with second-hand shoe machinery to increase his slipper production. It worked and his business expanded further. His business grew because he was a firm convert to modern advertising. His tagline: "Ang Tibay, the wear that lasts."
By the end of the roaring Twenties, Teodoro decided to go into shoes. He went to Europe and the United States to look at factories and scout around for equipment. By the early Thirties, his shop in Ilaya had several hundred employees churning out Ang Tibay shoes. He now needed a larger factory to expand even further. This was when Grace Park beckoned.

* 1950’s – 1960’s (Getting the Boot)
It was in these combat boots that the Filipino eventually had to enter into war. Ang Tibay survived the carnage and despite a recovery in the 50s and 60s, the rest of the century was not as kind to the company. The Philippines itself failed to industrialize as businessmen like Teodoro had started to before the war. Japan, followed eventually by other "tigers," overtook the Philippines. It started on the right foot(wear) all right, but failed to follow up as they drowned in the deadly Philippine sea of politics, greed and corruption.

Old Designs

Old Product Description * “Ang Tibay” as a trademark in the manufacture and sale of slippers and shoes since 1910. “Ang Tibay” is merely descriptive of Toribio’s shoes and slippers. * “Ang Tibay” means “strong, durable, lasting” and just describes the quality of Toribio’s shoes. "Ang Tibay" registered for pants and shirts on April 11, 1932, and established a factory for the manufacture of said articles in the year 1937. * “Ang Tibay” became popular for almost 50years.

New Designs
For Men

For Ladies

New Product Features * Achilles Notch – reduces stress on Achilles tendon and provides a more secure heel fit. * Ankle Collar – cushions the ankle and ensures proper fit. * Gel Pad – cushions and reduces impact when your foot strikes the ground. * Insole – cushions and supports your foot and arch. * Midsole – provides comfort and shock absorption. * Outsole – makes contact with the ground. Grooves and treads can help maintain traction. * Roll Bar – helps stabilize your foot if it tends to roll inward when striking the ground. * Toe Box – Provides space for the toe. A roomy and round toe box helps prevent calluses.

Target Consumer:

We’re targeting the high school and college students (Typical age of a high school and college students) who are in this generation were attached to fashion as well as the qualities of the products they are using. Of course we consider their budgets; most of them are still dependent so we set a price conducive for them. Our product is also suitable for older ones. As we’ve said earlier that this generation as well as the older ones is getting to the modern fashion.

Sketchers (price = P3,000.00 ) Adidas ( price = P4,000.00 )

* Converse ( price = P2,000.00 ) Nike ( price = P4,000.00 )

Product Advantages * They have comfortable brands and styles. * Convenient location. * That they 'breathe' which makes them healthier and wear. * They also have a bit more 'give' in them so that they tend to mould to the shape of your foot more than synthetics.
Financial Plan * Establish Goals * Return in the market * Be known * Gain profit * Successful

* Gather data * Toribio Teodoro w/ Juan Katindig are the first owner of “ang tibay” shoes. started since 1910. * trade name was registered on Jan. 3, 1933. * Goodfit, which was funded by the Armed Forces Retirement Service Benefits System (RSBS), was officially closed due to bankruptcy on April 30 after 17 years of manufacturing combat boots and other footwear for soldiers and policemen.
Anastacio Victorio, the company's former storeroom supervisor, said Goodfit "lost all contracts because our boots were expensive. How come the winner this time is also expensive?"
Victorio, 51, said the high-quality Goodfit boots have been "replaced by low quality, cheap combat boots from China." Goodfit was the former Ang Tibay, for many decades the country's premier manufacturer of leather shoes. The RSBS took over Ang Tibay after the firm failed to pay its loans.

* Analyze & Evaluate Your Financial Status * Starting in an obscure shop in 1910 with a modest capital of P210 but with tireless industry and unlimited perseverance, Toribio Teodoro, then an unknown young man making slippers with his own hands but now a prominent business magnate and manufacturer with a large factory operated with modern machinery by a great number of employees, has steadily grown with his business to which he has dedicated the best years of his life and which he has expanded to such proportions that his gross sales from 1918 to 1938 aggregated P8,787,025.65. * His sales in 1937 amounted to P1, 299,343.10 and in 1938, P1, 133,165.77. * His expenses for advertisement from 1919 to 1938 aggregated P210, 641.56.

* Develop a Plan * reintroduce a new and most affordable “ang tibay” shoes. * make it more convenient, affordable price and pleasing to the eyes. * make a shoes that is for all.

* Implement the Plan * Monitor the Plan & Make Necessary Adjustment
Distribution Process

Factory Factory Factory


Wholesalers Wholesalers

Consumer Consumer Consumer

How to distribute this to the market?
I think we can distribute this product to the market by making it popular and be known here and abroad through the help of TV ads or even by flyers or billboard and the most convenient is through the Internet sites.

Marketing Strategy

A. PRODUCT MIGRATION STRATEGY * Change the design * Change the soled footwear into shape-ups * Change into waterproof
B. PLACE * Online Boutique Ex., etc. * Supermarket (etc.)
C. PRICE * Slippers cost 299.95php * Chucks Design shoes cost 1899.99php * Shape-Ups shoes cost 2799.95php * Genuine leather shoes cost 2999.95php (black shoes cost 999.95) * Classic Design shoes cost 2099.99php
D. PROMOTIONS * Advertisements in television. * Billboards * Social media advertisements (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Yahoo) * Discounts every 2 pairs of shoes up to 30%
E. PEOPLE * Students * Workers (etc.)

“AngTibay Shoes” Projected Sales for 3 Months

“AngTibay Shoes” Balance Sheet For The Month Ended…...

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Ang Kapalaran Ni Carmela

...Ang Kapalaran ni Carmela Sa may paanan ng kagubatan, may isang pamilyang nakatira, ang magsasakang si Mang Kanor, ang kanyang mabuting maybahay na si Aling Alejandra at ang kanilang bugtong na anak na si Carmela. Si Carmela ay bunga ng pagmamahalan ng kanyang mga magulang na kahit napakapayak lamang ng kanilang pinagtaling puso ay masaya silang namumuhay. Sa pagdaan ng taon ay lumaking maladyosa sa kagandahan si Carmela. Bukod dito ay pinalaki siyang maayos ng kanyang magulang kaya masasabing siya ay may di madapuang langaw na puso. Araw- araw siyang naliligo sa isang batis sa gitna ng kagubatan. Ngunit isang araw, sa kasamaang palad, lingid sa kaalaman ni Carmela ay lihim siyang sinundan ni Caloy, na ukol sa mga balitang kutsero ay lulong sa droga. Dala ng masidhing pagnanais sa dalaga ay nagawa niya itong pagsamantalahan sa gitna ng kagubatan. Walang magawa si Carmela dahil kahit anong sigaw niya ay walang makarinig, kahit anong pakiusap niya ay di pinakinggan ni Caloy, wala siyang nagawa kundi kalamayin ang loob. Pagkatapos nito ay dali-dali siyang iniwan ni Caloy na umiiyak at nakatingin sa kawalan. Sa sobrang takot ay pumunta siya sa kanyang kahiramang suklay na si Maya, dito niya ipinagtapat ang kanyang guhit ng tadhana. Kinalma nito ang kanyang kalooban at sinamahan papunta sa kanyang magulang  at magdilat ng mata bago sabihin sa magulang ang sinapit. Habang umiiyak ay binuksan ang dibdib ni Carmela tungkol sa kasamaang ginawa sa kanya ni Caloy. Sa sobrang nais na......

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Kitilin Ang Diskriminasyon

...III-Rutherford Kitilin ang Diskriminasyon Magandang araw po sa inyong lahat, mayroon akong karanasang nais ibahagi sa inyo, isang araw, habang ako’y nagmumunimuni sa labas ng aming bahay ay may nakita akong grupo ng mga bata sa tabi ng daan, unti-unti akong lumapit at napag-alaman kong pinagtutulungan nilang kutyain ang isang maliit na bata at nang malinaw ko nang maunawaan ang kanilang winiwika ay napagtanto kong ang kaliitan ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw nilang maging kaibigan o kahit makalaro man lang ang kaawaawang paslit at sa halip ay minamaliit pa nila ito. Dahil sa mali ang ginagawa nila, nilapitan ko sila’t pinangaralan. Matapos ang pangyayaring iyon ay may tanong na gumulo sa aking isipan, ano ba ang pinagmulan ng diskriminasyon na kasalukuyang dinaranas ng karamihan sa ating mga Pilipino at maging ng mga mamamayan sa buong mundo? May pag-asa pa bang mabura ito sa bokabularyo, gawi at isip ng tao? Aminin man o hindi ng ilan sa atin ang ganitong gawain, di maipagkakailang laganap na ito sa bawat grupo ng tao. Kung tayo’y magmamasid, sa ating mga silid-aralan pa lamang ay marami nang halimbawa ng diskriminasyon. Ang mga kadalasang batayan ng mga ibang tao sa pagtuturing na dapat ilaan ay ang kulay ng balat, taas, hitsura ng mukha, talino, katayuan sa buhay, kasarian at marami pang iba. Maging sa kasaysayan ng daigdig ay laganap ito, mula Mesopotamia hanggang Europa, lubos na minamaliit ang kakayahan ng kababaihan at mahihirap. Binibigyan ng higit na pansin ang......

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Ang Yu V. Ca

...Supreme Court of the Philippines G.R. No. 109125 EN BANC G.R. No. 109125, December 02, 1994 ANG YU ASUNCION, ARTHUR GO AND KEH TIONG, PETITIONERS, VS. THE HON. COURT OF APPEALS AND BUEN REALTY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, RESPONDENTS. DECISION VITUG, J.: Assailed, in this petition for review, is the decision of the Court of Appeals, dated 04 December 1991, in CA-G.R. SP No. 26345 setting aside and declaring without force and effect the orders of execution of the trial court, dated 30 August 1991 and 27 September 1991, in Civil Case No. 87-41058. The antecedents are recited in good detail by the appellate court thusly: "On July 29, 1987 a Second Amended Complaint for Specific Performance was filed by Ann Yu Asuncion and Keh Tiong, et al., against Bobby Cu Unjieng, Rose Cu Unjieng and Jose Tan before the Regional Trial Court, Branch 31, Manila in Civil Case No. 87-41058, alleging, among others, that plaintiffs are tenants or lessees of residential and commercial spaces owned by defendants described as Nos. 630-638 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila; that they have occupied said spaces since 1935 and have been religiously paying the rental and complying with all the conditions of the lease contract; that on several occasions before October 9, 1986, defendants informed plaintiffs that they are offering to sell the premises and are giving them priority to acquire the same; that during the negotiations, Bobby Cu Unjieng offered a price of......

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Ang Pagpapahayag

...Ang Pagpapahayag o Diskurso- Diskurso ang tawag sa pagkakaroon ng makahulugang palitan ng mga pangungusap ang dalawa o higit pang tao. PAGKAKAIBA NG PASULAT AT PASALITA NA DISKURSO (Punto de Vista/ Point of View) PASULAT NA DISKURSO } Ang pagsulat ay pagsasalin sa papel ng anumang kasangkapang maaaring magamit na mapagsasalinan ng mga nabuong salita, simbolo at ilustrasyon ng isang tao. ( Bernales, et al., 2001) } Ito ay kapwa fisikal at mental na aktiviti na ginagawa para sa iba’t ibang layunin. (Bernales, et al., 2002) } Ayon kina Xing at Jin (1989), ang pagsulat ay isang komprehensiv na kakayahang naglalaman ng wastong gamit, talasalitaan, pagbubuo ng kaisipan, retorika at iba pang elemento. } Ayon naman kay Keller (1985), ang pagsulat ay isang biyaya, isang pangangailangan at isang kaligayahan ng nagsasagawa nito. 2 paraan ng pagpapahayag o diskurso Pasalita (verbal) – oral Pasulat – gumagamit ng mga ortografikong simbulo gaya ng mga letra 2 uri ng pasalitang diskurso Privado – sa pagitan ng dalawa o ilang tao (kumbersasyunal) Publiko – sa harap ng maraming tao (publikong pagsasalita) PAGKAKAIBA NG PASALITA AT PASULAT NA DISKURSO PASALITA SIKOLOHIKAL -gawaing sosyal -dahil may awdyens at may interaksyong nagaganap; -may kagyat na pidbak sa anyong berbal at di-berbal; at -gumagamit ng mga hudyat o paralinguistic LINGGWISTIKA -maaring gumamit ng mga impormal at mga pinaikling konstruksyon ng mga salita -maaring......

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Ang Nawawalang Sirena

...“Ang Nawawalang Sirena” I can implement this house bill 6311 first in myself by disciplining myself in eating meat products. Actually I assure that my intake of meal and vegetables are equal in size. I eat both of them because I know that eating vegetables is good for my body. Also in our house we have this small farm which my aunt and uncle plant different kinds of vegetables like eggplant, moringa, etc. We harvest there some of the vegetables that we eat. My family also prefers to eat more vegetables than meat. So by doing this I think I am implementing a part of this house bill 6311. REFUSE We should refuse using harmful things that can affect to our environtment like plastics. Plastic is also harmful to the people, palnts and animals. For example we should refuse using plastic bags when we go to market, we should have our own handy bag for our groceries. Because when plastic that has been thrown anywhere else it cause clog to the drinage that causes floods during rainy seasons. So we should avoid using plastic bags. REDUCE Reduce means lessen. The term reduce can apply to our daily life. Like the campaign “MEAT FREE MONDAY” if we reduce eating meat we can help our environment. We can reduce thing by Buy only what you need, Reduce unnecessary waste by avoiding those pointless purchases. Items that rarely get used can be borrowed or shared with others. REUSE Reuse means is to use an item again after is been used. Many items found around......

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