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P&G's Logistics Revolution: Co-creating Value
Confronting the challenges of rising supplier costs, growing retailer prowess, intensifying competition, fickle consumer tastes and preferences in the consumer packaged goods industry, P&G gained a distinctive competitive edge through a strengthened focus on supply network efficiencies. By making consumer the center of all its core operations, P&G initiated Customer Driven Supply Network (CDSN) that starts from customer choice at the store shelf and works backwards towards product manufacture; a paradigm shift from forecast-based supply chain to the one based on realtime demand. P&G's relationship with Wal-Mart exemplifies the success of CDSN but given the complexities of P&G's size and scale, analysts remain skeptical about the success of P&G–Wal-Mart's pilot study with other retailers.Analysts are also dubious of the scope for success in exporting the model to developing markets wherein the industry dynamics are extremely contradictory. Consumer Packaged Goods Industry – The Changing Dynamics | |
During the early 20th century, consumer packaged goods evolved to be a highly competitive industry with a large number of players vying for a greater market share . Manufacturers, with their market prowess, focused extensively on reinforcing their strong brands and improving productivity. They established their dominance either by restructuring their brand portfolios throughmergers and acquisitions or focusing on core brands. Though consolidation gave manufacturers significant global presence, focus on core brands made it difficult for retailers to avail price cuts. They even limited the quantity of high-demand products supplied/allotted to the retail stores, insisted on selling products in all sizes and packages and forced retailers to involve in promotional activities. For instance, P&G…...

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