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Aspects of Community Care

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The aim of this essay is to explore an aspect of care that a client group receives whilst in the community setting. The chosen aspect of care will be palliative care delivered to those patients who have been told they have a non-curative illness but are not yet at the end of life. The stage of the illness of the client group chosen is one where the patient is managed at home because there as there is nothing anyone can do to make things better (Calman-Hine Report 1998). The essay will also briefly describe three different professional groups involved in providing palliative care. It will then go on to discuss how good communication and collaborative working between these professional can provide the best quality of care of the patient and how poor communication can compromise the patients quality of care. Palliative care can be defined as the overall care of patients whose disease does not respond to curative treatment. The aim of Palliative care is to improve as much as possible the quality of life of patients and their families facing a life-threatening illness. This can be achieved by providing pain and symptom relief, spiritual and psychosocial support from diagnosis to bereavement (WHO 2002).

Patients with life threatening illness may require care from a variety of different specialists and services at a number of points in their illness; this will include both statutory and non-statutory organisations (National Health Service Executive 1998). To ensure that all the patient’s requirements are recognised and provided for, care needs to be provided by a range of different professionals all working collaboratively. These individual disciplines are able to consider a patients care from a range of different perspectives enabling the patient and family to obtain the most relevant type of care. Effective inter-professional working is essential for these…...

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