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The review of the literature for this study focuses on how to identify the awareness of high school regarding to choice hospitality Management as their career path. The significant influence of others, perception and awareness of the industry, resistance to servitude, and personal background were explored in different schools. This will also present the synthesis of the art, theoretical and conceptual framework to fully understand the research to be done and lastly the definition of terms for better comprehension of the study.

RELATED LITERATURE They conducted with hospitality management to investigate the above constructs in-depth. Questionnaires were administered to students enrolled in College of Businesses, who were majoring in hospitality management. The results of the researchers indicated that the students are aware that their race may determine what jobs they are offered in the hospitality industry, how rapidly they will be promoted, how society views them as individuals, and how society views an entire race when that particular race is found in low level jobs in large numbers or perception of an industry, and the pay scale. In general the data for African Americans revealed significant relationships between the outcome measure, career choice, and personal background (r = -.118, p < .05), awareness and perception of the hospitality industry (r = .116, p < .05) and significance of others (r = .164, p < .01) using two-tailed test.( Bradford, B. S. (2005). According to Poon, J., & Brownlow, M. (2014). Students' views on hospitality Management awareness, including identifying its definition, components and evaluating the extent to which awareness has been embedded in their course. It also identifies the skills and attributes that students thought were required for the development of their awareness. Furthermore, it discusses students' preferred ways of enhancing their hospitality awareness as part of the course they are studying. It is the first study identifying the statistical difference between students' and academics' views on hospitality awareness. The understanding of students' views on hospitality awareness, their preferred delivery method and the divergence between students' and academics' views on hospitality awareness can provide useful insights for course directors on the development and renewal of real estate course curriculum. Hospitality awareness is an important employability skill, thus, it is still necessary for real estate academics to re-visit the curriculum and to ensure learning outcomes related to hospitality awareness have been clearly explained and communicated to students. Furthermore, it is vital for students to obtain practical experience in order to fully develop their hospitality awareness. We the researcher’s in-line surveys were used to capture data on five management competency categories conceptual/creative, leadership, interpersonal, administrative, and technical. Skills identifies as the most important in this field. And it is followed by skills in the administrative, interpersonal, leadership and conceptual/creative categories. Specific top skills include communicating effectively both written and orally, maintaining professional and ethical standards, and managing guest problems. The top competency categories were different when comparing skills students should have and skills students actually attain. The overall indication is that students attain fairly high levels of skill attainment and increased confidence in their abilities upon completion of their experiences. (Jack, K. (2011).…...

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