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With an area of approximately 8,000 sq. km, extends along the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia at the northern outlet of the Straits of Malacca. Its advantageous geographic position and rich natural resources have made Selangor the most prosperous state in Malaysia. Today it has the distinction of being the most populated state in Malaysia, with about 3.75 million inhabitants. A large proportion of Selangor’s population lives around with the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, through the balance is now shifting towards its new capital, Shah Alam.
At the beginning of early date in the 16th Century, the discovery of rich tin mines in Selangor began its history dates of its State. Since this natural mineral wealth has variety uses, it attracted a group of settlers such as numerous miners, colonizers as well as immigrants, who were lured by the area’s relative freedom from domination of Dutch. Bugis, with ethnic Malays in Celebes, is one of the particularly significant groups of settlers, which they owned a reputation as popular sea traders and sea warriors. By 1700, Bugis had a huge commanding influence on Selangor. They had established themselves in Selangor and formed the present Sultanate of Selangor by the early 18th century when they were in economically and politically control of the area.
Selangor’s influence gradually extended in its realm and it became an indicative political power in the region over the 18th century. Due to the reason of in-fighting between the Bugis, Chinese and Malay, in 1874, the instability has caused Selangor to accept the presence of a British Resident when the British arrived as the western colonial presence began to rise over in the region. However, Selangor was added into Federated Malay States in later 1896 by the British concurrently with the plantation of rubber was started and has developed…...

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