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Bafa Bafa
Concrete Experience
During this experiment I was part of the Beta Group, which consisted of learning how to speak Betan and learning the rules to trade other Betans to get seven cards of the same color in numerical order from 1 to 7. The other group, the Alphans, are a very “touchy group” and they only had one leader whom had to give permission to other guy Alphas to talk to a girl. Alphas were more about having fun while Betans were all about themselves trying to accomplish their own goal.
When it was my time to go observe the other group, it was so confusing. I had no idea what was going on or why people kept touching my arm when I got close to them. This was very strange and unexpected because I am not used to people invading my personal bubble like that. Also, we were handed a few cards and chips when we got in so we can join in on their game. While playing the game, someone pulled out a card, this card was a swear card, which in turn got the person kicked out of their society. No one from the Betan group knew what any of the cards meant so how should have we known this card was a swear card.
Each culture has their own way of doing things, and honestly I do not know which group I would want to belong to. The Alphans had a man controlling them and decided on whether another man could talk to a female. For someone living in my culture, that just seems wrong. Everyone should be equal. On the other end, the Betans were all equal, but it was all a competition to see who could trade the most sets. Life should not be about competitions, it should be having fun, like the Alphans do. Either was these cultures are away from the norm I am used to.
Reflective Observation: Each group, whether you were part of the Alphans or Betans, experienced a whole different world when they went out of the norm of their own culture. The Alphans, whom are used to having…...

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