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4 scenarios if Bangsamoro bill is not passed
MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – What will happen if Congress fails to pass the proposed Bangsamoro basic law (BBL)? Will war once again erupt in Mindanao? Is there no other option?
With only a year left before the administration of President Benigno Aquino III ends, the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro basic law (BBL) in Congress remains uncertain.
A tipping point was reached when the Mamasapano clash, which killed 67 Filipinos, eroded the political capital of the President and unleashed many reservations about the controversial bill.
The Senate deadline was moved to October just as 12 senators signed the committee report concluding that the BBL is unconstitutional, indicating that the Senate would push for major revisions. Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr has gone to the extent of saying he will file a new bill that is substantially different from what is being deliberated.
Over at the House of Representatives, House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II admitted passing the bill now is a “cause for concern.” After the bill was passed in the committee, House members were accused of allegedly railroading its approval.
Yet the BBL continues to enjoy wide support in core areas, a Social Weather Stations survey released in May showed. (READ: #AnimatED: Law should trump violence)
What are the scenarios as the bill faces uncertain support in Congress, constitutional issues, and a tight timeline?

1. Congress fails to pass the BBL and a fallout among rebels follows
If the House and the Senate fail to pass the BBL, the status quo would remain – the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) would stay in place and the same regional posts would be available for contention in the 2016 elections.
MILF combatants would also not decommission their firearms.
Although the MILF leadership has committed to stay the course of peace…...

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