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Kaplan offers many different options for prep both online and onsite.

Kaplan lets you take a practice test at a real Pearson center.

Kaplan offers a Higher Score Guarantee -- you can get your money back or take the course again for free.

Set aside about 2 to 3 months to study.

Study thoroughly and take the test seriously.

Let Kaplan help you!

The GMAT rewards concise language.

You can usually group and eliminate many wrong answers at a time on Sentence Correction problems.

Ignore information that has nothing to do with the answer.

Sentence = subject + verb

Out of scope answers are never mentioned in the passage. They draw on outside information.

Be wary of extreme/universal answer choices.

Reading comp questions focus on structural, rather than factual, questions.

Logic questions ask about *why*, not *what*.

In Reading Comp, there are about 14 questions spread across 4 passages.

Watch out for out of scope or opposite answers.

When the conclusion is a plan or a prediction, strengthen the conclusion by showing that the plan will work.

There are 11 critical reasoning questions on the verbal section.

Do not neglect the verbal section!

C(n, k) = n! / (n - k)! * k!

Order doesn't matter = combinatoins

P(n, k) = n! / (n - k)!

Order matters = permutations

Sum of the differences from the mean = 0. This is the "balancing averages" approach.

Average = sum of terms / number of terms

When you see proportions, think cross multiplication.

Pick numbers to turn abstract algebra into concrete arithmetic.

Always consider Statements 1 and 2 separately before combining information.

Do not assume that variables are always positive!

There are about 15 data sufficiency questions on the test. Take about 2 minutes per question.

Quant = data sufficiency + problem solving

Scaled scores are tightly clustered on the GMAT. Answering a few more questions correctly can catapult your score.

Average score = 560

The GMAT tests your ability to make good decisions under pressure.

When a problem is too hard, just guess.

The test is trying to find the point where you get get every other question correct.

CAT = computer adaptive test

Controlling timing is key to GMAT success.

GMAT Test Format

Analytical Writing (30 minutes)

Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes)

8 minute break

Quant (75 minutes)

Verbal (75 minutes)

There is a strong correlation between GMAT performance and earning potential.

Top MBA program = 700+

Why do you want an MBA?

How badly do you want you MBA?

Can students keep up with fast paced material?

A candidate's low entrance exam score is the biggest application killer.…...

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