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Bp Texas Case Study

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Answer #1
As this case shows Human Rights violation BP, The company was lacking operational decisions, such as ensuring that safety standards are appropriate for employees; rather than pursuing additional profits and hiding behind a mask of public relations. Viewed from this perspective, ‘calculated casualties’ don’t provide the greatest amount of good; it simply highlights an unethical and ruthless pursuit of profits and hence environmental destruction and human deaths would widely be considered unethical.
Yes, the OSHA policies and rules are aimed at addressing problems that existed in BP texas. The problems continued for so many years because of the culture of BP. They were not serious about the safety of employees and were focusing on making numbers.
As it is mentioned in the case that BP global management was aware of problems with maintenance, spending and infrastructure well before March 2005 they were informed and had many OSHA violation , In 2005 they had an agreement with OSHA to fix the safety violations but BP had failed to do so stating that budget pressures were the reason behind it. Therefore such a big penalty was announced.
* Use checklist and follow OSHA standards, Should properly train and motivate staff to use personal protective equipment. Form evacuation plans * Conduct safety and health audits. Introduce policies and give trainings to supervisor. * Proper selection and placement of employees and behavior based safety * Reduce job stress by discussing the problems with the employee.
Answer #5
There was a communication gap as there was a lack of value given to people’s suggestions. People don't speak out when they worry about the consequences of speaking out. If people are rewarded for bringing forward potential problems before they happen, that sends an important message to…...

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