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Role models need to lead by example to inspire others for effective for an effective workplace. Personally, I would show employees proper workplace practices. Supervisors aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and it’s important to be accountable for them. A goal is that I understand company policy and procedure and make sure that I pass it on to the team, I personally would not show proper company policy and procedure if I made mistakes, but admitting to the strengths the teams learning. I would make a point of apologising to the team for it and explaining the breach. One of the goals of leading a team is to show what it’s like to have a passion for the work and to encourage their passion and commitment. Team members sometimes make mistakes, I would encourage them to discuss it with me and use it as a learning opportunity. Being a good role model, you shouldn’t make members of the team that are performing badly feel bad or praise the high-achieving members to highly, you should encourage discussion of all sorts.. By encouraging the team as a hole and supporting the team it will give the members the drive to succeed benefiting the team as a whole. Benefiting everyone.

The traits of an effective leader include honesty, communication, confidence, inspiration, positivity, delegation, commitment, humour, creativity and intuition. The foundation of a relationship is honesty. People want to work for a leader that has morals, values and integrity. They want to work for a company that they can believe in. this being said it is also important they understand that they are working towards the same goals as you are. Communication should be consistent in establishing work expectations. When things go wrong, employees look to their leader. So it’s important to always be confident, calm and set a good example. My job is to maintain a happy workplace. It’s also important that we as…...

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