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How to Minimize Supply Chain Risk with Threat Awareness and Thwarting
The Situationally Aware Supply Chain™ Strategy Guides How to Minimize Supply Chain Risk with Threat Awareness and Thwarting

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How to Minimize Supply Chain Risk with Threat Awareness and Thwarting

Introduction to Supply Chain Risk Management
Every enterprise must make supply chain risk management one of its core competencies. Yet few understand precisely the extent to which their supply chains are at risk, on which fronts, and least of all, how to address those threats. In fact, most feel far more in control than they are, with a persistent fog preventing visibility into how interdependent key risk variables impact their supply chain. A successful supply chain risk management strategy based on a unified platform is the only way to keep up with shifting risk zones. The platform must be agnostic with respect to point solutions that address specific challenges (e.g., vertical A or geography B), and flexible enough to cross correlate those solutions’ data in a way that drives behavior to minimize supply chain risk and take advantage of supply chain opportunities:

• Geographic – terrorism; weather; natural disasters; geopolitical instability; privacy and trade route disruption, among others;

• Financial / Market – logistics costs; demand or supply volatility; product theft; IP theft; and supplier fraud;

• Operational – transportation delays; damages in transit, work stoppages, shortages; IT breaches;

• Corporate Social Responsibility – litigation; product quality or safety lapses; labor laws; and other violations; and

• Regulatory / Economic – behavior resulting…...

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