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PROJECT OUTLINE: * Acknowledgement * Mission * vision * Idea Generation * Idea Screening * Concept Development And Testing * Business Analysis i. Demand Estimation ii. Cot estimation iii. Capital estimation * Marketing Plan i. Customer analysis ii. Segmentation iii. Positioning * Marketing mix i. Product ii. Price iii. Place iv. Promotion * Production development * Market test * Commercialization


All the Acclimations and Appreciation are for Almighty ALLAH, the Compassionate; the Benevolent. That knows the mysteries & secrets of universe.
We would like to show the special gratitude to SIR IHSAN-U-REHMAN who provided with us knowledge Vision about the management.
At the end, we would like to thank all who directly or indirectly help us in making the report


First of all we would like to thanks ALLAH ALMIGHTY for giving us opportunity to study in such a good institution. We feel pleasure to dedicate this project on BANANA CRISPS to our beloved PARENTS, then our subject instructor SIR HAFIZ IHSAN –UR-REHMAN and at the last to our university that is PUGC.

Mission statement

“Supporting our environment & community while maintaining a healthy responsibility to our customers through the food we serve

Vision statement

“Our vision is to provide healthy, crunchy, handsome & wholesome meals in form of snacks .we believe in being ethical in our all claims and dealings with the customers, dealers & organizations

Industry Analysis:

Industry analysis includes: * ‘’all the food manufacturers in Pakistan’’ * Our competitive brands and snacks * Future prospects of industry in Pakistan




The nature of a business may be * Sole proprietor ship. * Partner ship. * Joint stock company.
We start business as a partner ship firm .which will registered under PARTNER SHIP ACT 1932. The authorized capital is RS-15,00,000.
Our business named RAHSAN pvt ltd COMPANY which is located on
152 –C, SATELLITE TOWN, GUJRANWALA. * The total area of our factory is 1.5 canals, consisting of 3 portions * One main office of 12*20 feet on ground floor. * Stock room in basement of 1 canal. * The production unit is located in the 2nd floor within 1 canal area. * The packing plant is situated in ground floor. * There are also 3 servant quarters of 8*6 feet per.

------------------------------------------------- HIERARCHY


In this step new ideas are generated for products & services. Ideas are generated INTERNALY & EXTERNALY.

* Internal source of idea generation for our product. * External source of idea generation for our product.

New ideas Generated:
There are few ideas which are generated for development of a product. 1. -------------------------------------------------

In market ready to drink coffee or instant cream coffee is available but not even a single type of constant tea is here. So we will introduce “TEA BAGS” containing tea, powder milk, icing sugar, in various flavors.

To prepare tea, the user just need a cup to hot water and then the tea bag is to put into that water. Delicious, aromatic tea is ready without any other thing to add.

Tea bags are available in two different types: * With Sugar * Without Sugar 2. -------------------------------------------------

Yes, cakes are always available in different varieties, but similarity of sweetness. We will introduce “SALTED CAKES” with lairing of chicken, cheese, vegetables.

It is prepared in the similar manner in which cakes are baked. But without using butter with sugar, sweet creams, chocolate etc, here in it cooked chicken, eggs, vegetables etc, are filled in the salted cakes.

Such cakes may be introduced in such flavors: * Cakes with chicken * Cakes with Pasta * Vegetable cakes 3. -------------------------------------------------

There are many technologies for various hair straightness. But we will launch a “TWO IN ONE HAIR STRAIGHTNERS”.

In this HAIR STRAIGHTNER, there is a technology which will help us not just straight our hairs but also color them.
“There are two rods in the hair straighter which contain hair dye colors. When we push the button of the rods and start straightening hairs, the color in the rods gives color to the hair and steel plates straight the hair is usual manner”

Moreover: The rods are refillable also, according to choice of user. The straighter is useful for both. * Women * Men 4. -------------------------------------------------

We will introduce a new technology for the patients of blood pressure and diabetes. A “WRIST WATCH” which will tell not just time and date to users but also the blood pressure rate with the help of pulse rate. Main advantage:

The basic purpose of this watch is to help the patients, especially old aged and disable, who cannot go to the doctor for checking of their blood pressure again and again. With the help of this watch they can check BP easily.
Shape and function of watch: It is a watch of three dials.


It is a complex computerized scanner pulse point mixing machine.
“In this machine, when a color is come close to scanner, scanner judge the name of color and if we click the button to mix that color, the mixing machine attached to scanner produced that particular color in paints with specific quantity”
More useful:

In the shops and warehouses of large paint dealers like “ALI AHMED & SONS” in Gujranwala the point mixing and producing unit is installed, but it will produce only specific color. If we attach scanner with these machines, there will be more variety for colors, ease for customers and profits for dealers. 5. -------------------------------------------------

Simple weight machine tells us about weight of person standing on machine. Here we have a new technology for the weighting machines.
“Which will tell us not just the weight of person standing on machine but also the height of person, the recommended weight for that particular height according to gender? But also tells about the difference in actual weight and ideal weight”

People can measure there weights and also can judge that whether they are over-weighted or underweight according to height, gender and age.

6. -------------------------------------------------

A sort of bakery items like chips, it is made under similar process as chips do but instead of potatoes banana are used.
“Green or raw banana’s are used in its manufacturing”
It is delicious, tasty, crispy and healthy item, which is still not introduced in market of Pakistan yet.

Here, we can introduce a service for the people enthusiastic for tourism, but cannot afford it independently, Here:
“A transportation Co. like DAEWOO will introduce a service of yearly tour to particular areas in Pakistan”
It says, at every March of a year Co. visit a specific location, museums, lakes, festivals, waterfalls etc, for complete month and around Pakistan for this service Co. receive charges, a rule of pre-booking for general public is, and also Co’s agents provide complete information to tourists.

We will launch a new service for car owner of a particular automobile Co. Here: the company’s showrooms after service to all its register and willing customers that if they feel any problem like * Break problems * Engine * Accident * Silencer etc
Within a particular limit suppose 250 kilometer, company’s machines at the phone call of customer, (who is enrolled and who pay service charges of Rs5000/- per year) attend customer , solve their problem.

Benefit for company:

Company receives particular amount every year from customers whereas, face the problem and charges for repairs once or for twice –trice a year, as compare to cost profit earning and customer satisfaction is high.


------------------------------------------------- Idea screening is a process to spot good and possible ideas and drop poor ones. Ideas are selected on four bases: -------------------------------------------------
Basis for idea screening:

On the following basis we finally screened out three good ideas for project purposes:

* The basic of market targeted for product * Who are our competitors and what are their products and features? * What is Market size for product development? * The basic development of cost, time, techniques and skills etc. * The willing price for products.

Idea screened for development of product:
We have selected three ideas, depending on basic points for ideas screening. The ideas selected are comparatively more customer oriented, easy and helpful for customer needs.
Idea No.1:

The idea of “Hair straighter” which is also used for “Hair Coloring and Sticking”
Idea No. 2:

The idea of “On the Way Car Repairing Service” it is easy and a new idea to work with. A feasibility report can be prepared and a new sponsor from automobile company can be achieve Moreover; it will be profitable to introduced and launch this service for both company & car owners in Gujranwala
Idea No. 3:

The idea of “BANANA CRISP” can be successfully launched & introduced in Gujranwala. It is easy, profitable and less cost oriented.
Thus, these are the ideas screened out considered to be more reasonable, profitable and suitable for marketing project.


This step of product development is basically divided into two steps. * Concept development * Concept testing

1. -------------------------------------------------
Concept Development:

“Concept development is the developed product ideas into alternatives product concept” * Idea Selected:

The idea selected after going through its pros and cons is “BANANA CRISPS”.
Possible Alternatives:

Following are the some profitable alternatives bakery items made of banana’s are; * Banana Cakes * Banana Ice cream * Banana Bread * Banana Biscuits * Banana Crisps * Banana Jam 2. -------------------------------------------------
Concept Testing:

“Testing new product concept with a group of target consumer to find out if the concept have strong consumer appeal”
Our Strategy for concept testing:

We decide to test our product concept through “QUESTIONNAIRE” to customers and we got favorable response for our idea……………


Respected respondents: We, the students of M.COM at University of Punjab Gujranwala campus are struggling on the production of new product named as ‘BANANA CRISP’. And for the testing of our product we need your opinion about it. This is purely academic testing and all your responses confidential. Your unbiased responses will be highly appreciated. 1. Gender………………? ◊ Male ◊ Female 2. What’s your age……………? ◊ 20orless ◊ 31-40 ◊ 51-60 ◊ 21-30 ◊ 41-50 ◊ Above 3. Marital status…………..? ◊ Married ◊ Unmarried 4. Qualification………….? ◊ Matriculation or below ◊ Bachelors ◊ Intermediate ◊ Masters 5. Do you like banana………? ◊ Yes ◊ No 6. Do you think banana is beneficial for your health……..? ◊ Yes ◊ No 7. Do you prefer any other product supported by banana……….? ◊ Yes ◊ No 8. Do you like if banana crisps are introduced in Pakistan……..? ◊ Yes ◊ No S.No | Indicate how much you agree or disagree with this statements? | Strongly Agree | Agree | Undecided | Strongly disagree | Disagree | 9. | Does banana crisps must introduce in Pakistan? | | | | | | 10. | Does banana crisps will be healthy for your family? | | | | | |

7. What are your views about BANANA CRISPS………..? ……………………………………………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. -------------------------------------------------

This questionnaire has been filled by almost 50 different people in order to understand the taste of possible future customer and from replies we are able to conclude it in the following manner.

Demand estimation is a process with the help of which we can predict our future forecasted demand of product.
For estimating the demand of banana crisps we get assistance from experts in the fields of economics.
1-there will be complete identification of all variable inputs that effect demand * Estimated price of banana crisps =Px * Personal disposable income =I * Price of competitive brands =Py * Prices of vegetable oil =Po * Advertising expenses =A
2-regression analysis of elasticity of demand from industry analysis.
3-the use of world recognized formula used to estimate demand i-e
4-Here px = rs3 per pack
I = Rs2.5 in trillions of rupees per pack
Py = rs5 per rupees per pack
Po = rs3 in rupees per pack
A = RS5 for banana crisps in hundreds of thousands of rupees per year
5-putting values in formula
Qx = 1.5-3(3)+0.8(2.5)+2.0(5)-0.6(3)+1.2(5) =9 million packs per year
The term demand estimation of a product means ;
The volume of a product or service that would be bought by a defined customer group in a defined geographical area in a defined time period in a defined marketing environment under a defined level and a mix of firm marketing effort.

Land and Building * Land of around 2 canals, with built up area of 1.5 canal would be adequate. * Production hall would occupy around 60 sq.mtrs. * Balance area can be utilized for storage and packing * Land may cost Rs. 500,000/- * The cost of civil work could be Rs.2.50 laces. particulars | Length(canal) | Cost.(rs) | land | 2.0 | 500,000 | building | 1.5 | 250,000 | total | | 750,000 | | Machinery:
Machineries required processing around 30 tones of banana chips with 300 working days and 1 shift, working shall be as under. The total cost of machinery is expected to be Rs. 1.55 lacks.

Miscellaneous Assets:

Some other assets like furniture and fixtures, packing tables, storage racks etc. would cost
Rs. 75,000/-
. Utilities:

Power requirement shall be 7.5 HP whereas about 4 LPG cylinders will be required every month. Per day water requirement will be 1000 liters. Raw and Packing Materials:

The most important raw material will be fully grown but unripe (raw ) bananas. The monthly requirement of 2.5 tones even at 100% utilization is not very significant. Edible oil, salt and spices shall also be required in small quantity and can be easily procured. Printed polythene bags along with corrugated boxes shall be required for packing for which prior arrangements must be made.

Preliminary & Pre-operative Expenses:
There will be several pre-operative expenses like registration, establishment, travelling and administrative charges, interest during implementation, trial run expenses etc. An amount of Rs. 50,000/- is provided towards that.
Working Capital Requirements:
The required working capital is almost RS-400,000.


Particulars | Nos. | Monthly salary (RS) | Total monthly salary | Skilled workers | 8 | 6000 | 48000 | Helpers | 3 | 2250 | 6750 | Salesman | 4 | 2500 | 10000 | | | Total | 64750 | |

Estimated income statement.
For the year ending 31-12-2011 Particulars. | Rs/- | Rs/- | Net sales (9million packs*rs35 each)) | | 31500,000 | Less: cost of goods sold.(schedule 1) | | 366,245 | Gross profit. | | 31133,755 | Less: operating expenses’. | | | Marketing expenses | 857,000 | | Administration expenses | 798,000 | 1655000 | Operating income | | 29478755 | Other income and expenses | | | Dividend income | 2500 | | Interest on debenture | 350000 | 347500 | Less :tax | | 570000 | Net income | | 28561255 | particulars | RS | RS | RS | direct material cost | | | | banana purchase | 276045 | | | Add: freight | 15000 | | | less: returns & allowances | 2500 | | | Material available for use. | | 288,545 | | Less:material at the end. | | 180,000 | | Cost of material used. | | | 108,545 | Direct labour used. (48000*12) | | | 576,000 | Factory overheads | | | | Electricity CHARGES | | 250000 | | Salaries | | 81,000 | | Indirect materials | | 120000 | | Carriage OUTWARDS | | 1500 | | Fuel and power | | 161,200 | | Depreciation. | | 121000 | 734700 | Cost of goods available for manufacturing. | | | 1419,245 | Less:work in process ending inventory. | | | 557,000 | cost of goods available for sales. | | | 862,245 | Less:finished goods inventory. | | | 496,000 | cost of good sold | | | 366,245 |

Balance sheet.
December 31, 2011 LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL | AMOUNT(RS) | ASSETS | AMOUNT(RS) | Authorized capital | 1500000 | Current assets | | Subscribed and paid up capital 500000 | | Cash | 830000 | Add: income-tax | 28561255 | Bank | 250000 | Account payable | 20000 | Account receivables | 46000 | Wages payable | 6000 | Pre paid insurance | 34000 | Interest | 2000 | Inventories | | Long term debts | | Materials | 180000 | Debentures | 80000 | Work in process | 557000 | Bank loan | 5000 | Finished goods | 496000 | | | Fixed assets | | | | Land | 500000 | | | Building | 250000 | | | Machinery 155000 | | | | Less dep. 121000 | 34000 | | | Misc. assets | 75000 | | 25697255 | | 25697255 |

FIXED COST: Fixed cost= land+ building+ manufacturing unit+ permanent labor + fixed depreciation
=RS 1602,00

Per unit cost= Fixed Cost Units

=RS 1602,000 8500000packs RS 0.18847/PACK
Variable cost: Variable cost=Total FOH+ Selling expenses + ADMN expenses+ Taxes +fuel + electricity =734700+857000+798000+570000+250000+161200 =RS 3370900

PER UNIT VARIABLE COST PER UNIT VARIABLE COST=TOTAL VARIABLE COST UNITS =RS 3370900/850000PACKS =RS 3.9658 RATIOS: Gross profit ratio=gross profit/net sales =RS 31133755/900000 =RS 34.5931/pack Net profit ratio=net profit/net sales =RS 28561255/900000 PACK =RS 31.7347/PACK Operating expenses ratio=operating expenses/net sales =RS 1655000/900000 =RS 1.84 /PACK

Segmentation for Banana Chip:


“Dividing a market into smaller group of buyers, distinct need, characteristics, or behavior who might require separate products or making mixes”
We have decided to segment our market on the basis of geography. Banana chips will be available on all the urban areas of Gujranwala.

A set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve. According to our resources and according to company’s objective we are targeting children of all ages as main consumers of our product that is banana crisps.

In marketing mix there are 4p’s involved.

Anything or activity that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use, or consumption that might satisfy the want or need is called product.

* Physical product * Service * place * organization * Event * idea * Person


It is very well established and standardized. Damaged or ripe bananas are taken out during inspection and only good quality unripe bananas are washed in water. Then they are peeled and trimmed before slicing or cutting them in the required size. Then they are washed in boiled water and dried. Dried pieces are deep fried and then either salt or spices or both are applied on them. After cooling, they are packed. The process flow chart is as under



* The most basic level * What the buyer is really buying * Problem solving benefit or service that consumer seek

Banana chips are deep-fried, dried slices of banana that are coated in sugar or honey. They are pale yellow, round banana slices and are often sold in bulk and eaten as snacks or sometimes used in baking. Banana chips are crispy, flavorful and sweet and are quite high in calories and fat.

ACTUAL BENEFIT OF BANANA CRISPS: Convert core benefit into actual product

* Developing product and service features and design, quality level, brand name, packaging distribution etc.

Recipe of Banana Chips INGRIDIENTS 1)5 Raw Bananas (peeled)

3) Salt to taste
HOW TO MAKE BANANA CRISPS: 1. Put the peeled bananas in salted iced water. 2. Chop the bananas in water and add turmeric 3. Keep in water for 10 minutes and then drain out water completely. 4. Transfer to a kitchen cloth to remove the moisture 5. Heat oil till it starts fuming. 6. Deep-fry the slices till almost crisp. Add few slices at a time. 7. Prepare paste of 1/2 tsp water and 1/4 tsp 8. Salt. 9. Add this paste to oil. This will make the slices crispier. 10. Drain the chips on an absorbent paper. 11. Cool and store them in an airtight containers. | | 2)1/4 tsp Turmeric powder 4) Oil for deep-frying |
Packing of Banana Chips:

”Packing is an important marketing tool. Numerous machine are provide packing functions”

The packing of our product is approved according to world standards.
There are basically three types of product * Main or primary packing: used to keep safe n fresh product * Secondary packing: the basic purpose of secondary packing is to advertise and to distinguish the product from competitor’s product. * Shipping packing: to transfer products in bulk quantity.

Features of Banana Chips:

* Banana chips can be used to top ice cream sundaes along with or instead of nuts and many people enjoy them with chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup * You can also use them on top of chocolate frosting to decorate a chocolate banana cake. * A few banana chips tossed into trail mix can add a lot of flavor. * Remember to enjoy banana chips in moderation because of their high fat content. * Fresh bananas are much healthier and can be used in many dishes. * Pack of 12 6-ounce resalable bags of crunchy banana chips (72 total ounces) * Larger size, savory salt, and intense crunch; 6% RDA of Vitamin C per serving * Resalable zipper, stay fresh bag retains freshness and nutrition

Design of banana chips:
“Good design contributes to a products usefulness as well as its looks & a deep understanding of customer needs.”
“Banana chips are available in different design”


* Brand is an important part of a product. And branding can add value to a product. * It can help buyer to identify the product. * It also says something about the product quality and consistency.

“Brand name & trade mark provides legal protection for unique product features that otherwise might be copied by competitors.”

The brand name of our product banana crisps is “CELEBES” it is decided by our company named as “RAHSAN PVT CO.”



* Range from simple tags to product’s complex graphics * Label identifies the product or brand * Describe several thing about product * Who made it * When it was made * Where it was made * How it is to be used




* Must build around the core benefit and actual product * Involve offering extra services instruction, training, health guidance, after sale services

The product named as BANANA CRISPS is purely “CONSUMER PRODUCT”. It is all about or providing an interesting and healthy taste to its customer.


1- Convenience Product
2- Shopping Product
3- Specialty Product
4- Unsought Product

Our product of BANANA CRISPS will be of convenience product due to following reasons * it will be of low price * it’s distribution will be on wide area * it will be easily accessible

The amount of money charged for a product or service, or the sum of the values that consumers exchange for the benefit of having or using the product or service.


“Our product pricing strategy is Value based pricing”
Price setting is based on buyer’s perception of value. According to our analysis and inquiry, customers perceive our product’s price @Rs. 35 each serving of net weight 150gm.

BANANA CRISPS is a new type of chips which is not introduced in Pakistan yet. So “MARKET SKIMING PRICING” is adopted MARKET POTENTIAL Demand and Supply
There is a very large market for banana chips and they can be sold at all such places where People assemble like theatres, picnic spots, bus stands or railway stations, traffic junctions Etc. Retailing has to be done through small grocery shops as well as big departmental stores And super markets.

PLACE: CHANNELS: A set of interdependent organizations involved of in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by consumer. For making our product available in the region we use a number of contacts with distributors. MOREOVER we use 2nd channel of distribution that is MANUFACTURER RETAILER CONSUMERS LOCATIONS: These are some locations where we introduced our product initially; KAIF BAKERS model town, main market






TRANSPORTATION: We use CARRIER VANS driven by hired drivers specified for the purpose. COVERAGE: WE will cover in first round complete market of Gujranwala region and afterwards the whole Punjab will be our target MARKETING SYSTEM: The system which we will use is vertical marketing system. A system in which producers, whole sellers, and retailers in a unified system .one channel member owns others, has contract with them

Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade the buyer to buy it. Advertising: In order to allure children to buy banana crisps We advertise our product of banana crisps through ads on television. We make contracts with * PTV * ATV * GEO These ads will be on-air in timings between 7:30 to9:30 pm Sales promotion: Short term incentives to encourage the purchase the product. * We give discounts to the retailers and distributors of the product. * Organized a FUN MELA for 3 days to attract consumers. Personal selling: Personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of making sales and making consumer relations. * E-mails * Telephones Are some the ways we adopted to boost the sales of newly introduced product. Public relations: Building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up good corporate image and handling off unfavorable events and rumors We develop HRM department to fulfill this opportunity moreover our regular surveys to various shops and to visit customers will be some tactics to build this relation. Marketing Strategy: There is also institutional market consisting of clubs, canteens, and railway and airline caterers, co-operative consumer societies and so on. There will be a competition from other small manufacturers and it can be effectively overcome by offering good quality and attractive packing, providing lucrative margins to retailers and charging very economical price. Volumes would compensate for low profit margins.


To get our product to market more quickly , we adopt faster ,team oriented approach called simultaneous product development or team based market development
An approach to developing new products in which various company departments work closely together, over lapping the steps in the product development process to save time and effectiveness
The stage of new product development in which the product and marketing programs are tested in more realistic marketing settings.

The market testing may be of three types * Standard test markets * Controlled test markets * Simulated test markets

in order to test banana crisps we give free samples to the students of commerce department in Punjab university.
The response was encouraging.
The term commercialization means;
Introducing the new product in the market.

Introducing timing:
According to current industry situation and according to geographical analysis it is more profitable to introduce banana crisps in market at the start of March 2011, because there is no competitor for banana crisps in local market moreover this will be the peak season of banana
Location of introduction:
The place which we select to introduce the banana crisps is GUJRANWALA CITY
We have selected all the urban areas of Gujranwala and the nearer localities.
The product at the start will be introduced in universities, shopping plazas as PACE, in picnic points and cafés.

PROJECT: development of product
Submitted to: Mr. Hafiz Ihsan Ur Rehman
Submitted by:
Ayesha Ibraheem mc09025
Nazish Rasheed mc09009
Narmeen Naz mc09004
Hina Kanwal mc 09011
Nimrah Akash mc09005
Sadaf mc09018
Sundus Butt mc09045
Rabiya Ashraf mc09054…...

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...- BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA BUSINESS - Unit 16: Business Enterprise Assignment [pic] [pic] • The due date for the whole assignment is Friday 25th May 2012 • You will have time allocated to complete the MERIT and DISTINCTION criteria only when the PASS criteria is completed • You will be able to gather evidence for Level 2 Key Skills in Communication, Application of Number and Information Technology from completing the assignment You will also be able to gather evidence for Key Skills Level 2 Improving Own Learning and Performance (LP2.1, Lp2.2 and LP2.3) as you plan, review and complete the assignment ASSIGNMENT TASKS The scenario You and some friends have always been interested in working for yourself rather than being an employee. You now feel it is the right time to start up a new business and so you begin to consider the idea and investigate the possibilities further with your friends. There are many ideas you have but before you can start the business you have decided to investigate what things you need to know about starting up a business. You and your friends are considering asking your bank manager to provide you with the finance for starting up the business and so it is important that you know exactly what is involved. You and your friends will have to present your business idea to the bank manager so it is important that you know what you have to......

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Business to Business

...Business to Business Message Business to Business Message Businesses are very crucial to the economy. Good business messages are essential to keep the business relation in good health too. There are many types of business messages which a business can write to another daily with regards to business. It These can include messages on sales and purchases, products and services, confirmation or cancellation of orders, invoices, company announcements and notifications, employee related news such as promotions, awards, increments, bonus, appraisals, resignation and termination for example. A business message can be written by any authorized figure from a company to another authorized figure of another company. Business messages are usually formal and should be well written to earn the respect of the recipient. They not only can be directed to other business associates, they can also be directed toward the public. Business messages to the public could be an announcement, promotion, surveys, notification of change of address or contact information about the business or some other information which a client should know to ensure continued patronage of the company’s products and services. Business messages are written as a reminder or to serve as a record the business dealings that transpire between companies. That way any agreements can be proven and a company can remind the other company what arrangement was agreed upon in prior messages. Well written business messages will put......

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...INITIAL BUSINESS IDEA Introduction For this task I have been asked to justify why my proposed business idea will be successful. In doing so I am going to present supporting evidence. Sole trader A sole trader is a person that owns the business with or without employees. This is the smallest and most popular type of business in the United Kingdom. In this situation the owner runs the business independently and also the business and the owner have the same legal identity which means if the business owns money the holder owns money. Explain two reason advantage One benefit of being a sole trader is that I retain all the profit that business makes. This is good because the profit that has been made through selling products or service will come back to the owner. This means all the money that will made from the business retain to the owner as he will not need to pay anyone e.g. staff or supervisor, or accounting etc. For example, if the business receives £3500 in a month from selling t-shirts the full £3500 will retain to the owner. This is a huge advantage because firstly, the owner will have more money to spend in marketing or other promoting recourses and secondly, if more money comes in the more it encourages the owner to work harder. This will make me successful because if I retain all of the money I can expand my business in the future and similarly I will have more available to make my business better, e.g. promote my business effectively. For example, if I......

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Business to Business

...How Is Building a Brand in a Business- to - Business Context Different from Doing so in the Consumer Market? Creating and developing a strong product brand is a very critical step towards placing or setting a company apart from its competitors. This step depends on many variables within the business environment within which the company exist and belong. For example a company has to understand its operation, its market and most importantly who its clients and competitors are. A brand is simply a name, design or mark that informs/tells consumers the identity of a products and also enables consumers to reduce most risk involved in the buying decision. To develop a business-to-business brand, a company must be willing and able to allocate and channel some of its resources and energy on educating its clients. This involves, introduction to the product/s in question and the company’s reputation such as its capabilities and the standard and quality of its product/s. Awareness and education and campaigns are the greatest tools in a business-to-business to help sell the reputation of a business and its brand name and product/s, which cisco successfully achieved. In a business-to-business the targeted group is usually a corporation, organization or company. During its business-to-business, cisco focused its attention on makers of IT decision within corporation and corporate executives to market and sell its products. Also products in this category market and sells its “self”......

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...Title Length Color Rating Different Viewpoints of Business Ethics - Introduction The purpose of this short paper is to compare and contrast three different peer-reviewed journal articles and one online periodical. First, the paper provides a brief introduction of the four articles. Second, the paper compares and contrasts the four articles. Finally, the author presents his views on the topic of social responsibility and business ethics before concluding the paper. Four Articles All four articles center their focus on business ethics. Of the four articles, three are scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles and one, by Friedman, is an online periodical.... [tags: Business, Ethics] :: 4 Works Cited 2005 words (5.7 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Alahmad and Murphy on Business Ethics - The first two journal articles that were compared and contrasted were Ala Alahmad’s 2010 article on To Be Ethical or Not to Be: An International Code of Ethics for Leadership and Patrick Murphy’s 2009 article on The Relevance of Responsibility to Ethical Business Decisions. Some key findings of Alahmad’s writings were that ethics and leadership were closely tied together; they were found to be derivatives of one another. He mentioned that ethics is an individual thought process of making good or poor decisions.... [tags: Business Ethics] :: 4 Works Cited 970 words (2.8 pages) Strong Essays [preview] Ethical Perspectives on Business Ethics - The determination of this paper is to......

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...Business Administration degree programs compared to other programs Name: Instructor: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction While most degree programs have been established in institutions of higher learning today, a business administration degree program is as sufficiently rigorous as any other degree program. The decision of coming up with the best degree course entirely depends on the students long term goals. For students making the decision about which program to pursue, taking an academically rigorous course is very imperative. However, this is a decision that the student has to come up through reviewing articles on how effectively this program meets their goals. For students who hope to make it in the world of executive and managerial positions, business administration is the program to pursue. Business administration is one of the most sought after degree programs of our times due to the increased corporate world and expansive growth of business and entrepreneurship in the world (Fickenscher, 2010). This study attempts to explain business administration programs as an academically rigorous degree to pursue, as compared to other programs. Ground With numerous programs coming up every day, remaining focused on the academic goals one hopes to achieve is critical. Business administration degree programs are not only academically beneficial but offer great and successful ever expanding careers. With...

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Business to Business

...Malaysia PROTON Holdings Berhad and Indonesia PT. Adiperkasa Citra Lestari (PT ACL) has signed Memorandum of Understanding to establish collaboration ties between both parties in relation to develop and manufacture of Indonesia National Car. (Tan, 2015) However there are business forces that affect collaboration of companies. One of the key forces is Social and Cultural in Environmental Forces, is defines as influencing mechanisms which exist within a population that guide business practices or purchasing behaviour. (, 2015) The reason Malaysia decided to collaborate with Indonesia is due to similar culture, such as religion, environments and language. Majority of Malaysian and Indonesian are Muslim which share similar language, hence the first obstacle has overcome as language plays an important role in business communication which also able to eliminates common mistakes and misunderstandings. Therefore, the development they are working on is more likely to carry out successful as strengthen of mutual ties in collaborating due to understanding of various cultures in both countries. The next forces is Environmental; Technological Forces. Define as changes in technology in technology which can have a significant impact on a company's processes, pricing of competition or even the obsolescence of a company's product. (, 2015) Besides that, it shapes the collaborative behaviours that drive results by only making collaboration......

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Business Is Business

...The purpose of business is to provide people with a product or service and we all understand that businesses have those to whom it is responsible, whether it is the stock/shareholder or the consumer. Providing a service or making something is very black or white in the area of product or service responsibilities, where it becomes grey is in the area of social responsibility. Who would have ever dreamed that the same Ford Motor Company that destroyed thousands upon thousands of acres of rain forest in the in the jungles of South America in the early Nineteenth Century in search of an abundance of rubber would today be a champion of eco-fuels and rain forest preservation? Businesses are perceptive and have the fundamental understanding that in order to survive in today’s hypersensitive, politically correct society, they must be perceived as guardians of “what’s in” rather than concentrating on their bottom line because in many instances, that perception ends up affecting their bottom line. God created the universe and all that’s in it for us to enjoy and utilize. In Genesis, we learn that after the fall and the realization of our nakedness that Adam and Eve utilized animal skins in order to cover their bodies due to shame. They actually had to do some “dirty work” in order to make the skins into clothing. This alone tells us that having dominion over the animals and the things of the earth means we are to utilize them as needed but at the same time to be good stewards. ......

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Business to Business

... . . . . The Neilsen Rating System The Neilsen Ratings System began as a radio rating system by Arthur Neilsen. The Neilsen Rating System evolved to eventually analyze television data. In 1950, Nielsen moved to television, developing a ratings system using the methods he and his company had developed for radio (Levin, 2006). That method has since become the primary source of audience measurement information in the television industry around the globe. Measuring Ratings The Neilsen Rating system is characterized as a syndicated data provider. A syndicated data provider tracks the change of one or more measures over time, usually in a given industry (Cooper, 2006). Neilsen Rating system makes a very lucrative business for the data that is presented to the entertainment industry, most importantly television. The primary system of measuring data for the Neilsen Rating system is by gathering data and the industry pays up to millions of dollars for periodic reports of data. Devices are used to gather the information. These devices gather the viewing habits of the home and transmit the information nightly to Nielsen through a "Home Unit" connected to a phone line. . . The technology-based home unit system is meant to allow market researchers to study television viewing habits on a minute to minute basis, seeing the exact moment viewers change channels or turn off their TV (Segal, 2007). Another term for this process is Neilsen using set meters. Set......

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...BTEC Business Unit 1: Business Purposes Learner Name: | Centre Number: 23168 | BTEC Business | | Learner No: | | UNIT NUMBER AND TITLE: | Unit 1: Business Purposes | ISSUE DATE: | | HAND IN DATE: | | RESUBMISSION DATE: | | ASSESSOR: | | Aims The aim of this unit is to enable you to understand the nature of business organisations and the business environment in which they operate. You will do this by looking at the range of organisations that exist locally, regionally and nationally and by considering the business framework in which they operate Work covered You will: * Understand the purpose and ownership of business * Understand the business context in which organisations operate Understand the purpose and ownership of business Purpose: supply of goods and services e.g. at a profit, free, at cost, for sale below cost Ownership: sole trader; partnership; limited companies (private [ltd], public [plc]); charity; voluntary organisations; co-operatives; government Size: small; medium; large Scale: local; regional; national; European and global organisations Classification: primary (e.g. farming, forestry, fishing, extraction/mining); secondary (e.g. manufacturing, engineering, construction); tertiary (e.g. private service industries, local and national public services, voluntary/not-for-profit services) Understand the business context in which organisations operate Role of government: European;......

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