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M3 D2 - Two psychological perspectives and their contribution to good practice in care homes
The psychodynamic approach has many beneficial aspects when it comes to health care and care services and settings within the UK. This has allowed us to understand how certain things may affect people’s childhood experiences in negative ways and effect their future. It also allows us to understand how people may potentially develop mental health illnesses. Freud stated that mental illnesses can be caused due to disagreement between ID and superego and the overuse of defence mechanisms which could be caused due to bad childhood upbringing. An example would be experiencing abuse as a child or losing a close relative. This helps us today by highlighting the importance and severity of everyone’s childhood and how the protection of children should be priority. This will allow us to decrease the amount of mental health illness cases later on. It has helped the adaption of social services and care services because they have more of an understanding of what to provide and how to care for the child. Also, in schools, it helps us to understand that children may respond with defence mechanisms such as aggression or denial in circumstances that don’t need that response due to the fact that it is their personal way of coping and dealing with what is happening in their private lives e.g. at home. The psychodynamic approach has helped to develop medicine so we are able to have what we have today. Nadine Burke suggested that doctors have found the adverse childhood experiences can affect a child massively due to brain development and their hormones. Unfortunately, they also have a 75% higher chance of developing lung cancer and heart disease. Burke realised that instead of trying to treat every single illness, they need to research and look how they are developed so…...

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