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Case Study Analysis and Report of Leadership and Management in Local Government

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Executive Summary
Leadership is a highly researched topic and is differentiated from the term management. Both are necessary for success. Effective leadership is vital in ensuring an organisation is run cohesively and coherently. Effective management ensures a degree of order and consistency to technical dimensions (Bennis 1989). Management differs from leadership as it is about coping with complexity (Dembrowski 2007). Dembrowski (2007) builds on this by arguing that leadership, by contrast, is about relationships.
‘It is about being able to influence people to behave in a desired manner and is fundamental to change. Leadership then becomes one of the roles that managers need to be able to play’ (Dembrowski 2007 p.2).
The most successful organisations will combine strong leadership with effective management and will seek to develop the potential of their people in both areas (Dembrowski 2007). Employee engagement is crucial to the effectiveness of organisations and the success of engaging employees is measured by the processes developed to allow employees perform their duties effectively (McShane, Olekalns, Traviglione 2013).

This report provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of the management and leadership practices at the City of South Perth local Council and provides recommendations for improving the effectiveness of leadership.

Executive Summary 2
1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 City of South Perth Organisational Structure 4
3.0 Leadership the City of South Perth council 6
3.1 The Executive Management Team (Task-oriented) 8
3.2 The Operational Management Team (Relationship-oriented) 9
4.0 Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership and Management at South Perth……………………….. 11
5.0 Recommendations 12
6.0 Conclusion 13
7.0 Reference List 15

1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to…...

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