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In the 2005 block buster movie titled “Crash” one of the three sociological perspectives can be observed in this movie regarding to equality and life in America. Set in Los Angeles, this movie probed social and cultural stereotypes, race and social biases, and the conflict perspective that often ensues as a result. The blatant manner in which these sociological issues are revealed is often startling for the viewer, but the shocking nature is intentional in order to promote self-examination and reflection. The conflict perspective is presented in this movie dons on tension between groups over power or the allocation of resources, including housing, money, access to services and political representation. This movie uses tension to advance the story line of each character forcing them into positions of conflict as well as dependence, and emphasizes the status of equality in America. In order to progress to a more equal society it is essential that Americans examine the biases presented in the movie Crash, especially those most often seen in modern society such as stereotyping, hate crimes, color blind racism and ethnocentrism. Stereotypes are defined as unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that do not recognize individual differences within the group. From the opening scene the movie depicts a car crash involving two police detectives and an Asian woman. The stereotyping begins immediately when the Asian woman tells the police officer writing the traffic report that Mexicans don’t know how to drive. She blake too fast! A verbal struggle ensues between Ria the Latina police detective, who is driving and the Asian woman. Ria mocks her incorrect pronunciation of the word brake and her small stature. This is the first of many such conflicts. The Asian woman demonstrates that in her mind the stereotypical Latina is a Mexican who cannot drive. In…...

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