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Running Head: Change Project



Desiree McGee, RN, B.S.N

June 23, 2013

Primary Target Behavior
My primary target behavior is to increase my cardiovascular fitness with eating healthier and continue my exercise regimen. I chose this particular behavior to change due to my increased weight gain. I currently weigh 106 lbs at the start of this class. I was up to 110 lbs which may not sound overweight to many but at 5’0 tall and it going straight to my thighs and stomach I felt I needed to do better. Plus I had to squeeze into my clothes and others just would not fit, I went from a double zero in size to a size 1. When you are use to weighing a certain weight and your body looking a certain way it is hard to see it change. With exercise and eating healthier I know I can get my body back in shape and toned.

Treatment Plan
To improve my cardiovascular fitness by eating healthier and maintain an exercise regimen.
Objective 1:
Continue workout regimen of 3-4 days a week for 1-2 hours a day.
Objective 2:
To maintain a diet of increased fruits and vegetables and decrease consumption of unhealthy foods
5-10 Action Steps – Objective 1:
1. On off days continue going to the gym for 8 am group classes
2. Switch exercises to provide variety and continue motivation. Such as working on lower body one day in the gym and upper body the next day. As well as use he different machines in the gym for increased cv output such as the treadmill, stair master and elliptical.
3. If unable to go to the gym, workout at home doing various exercises. I have 3 lb dumbbell’s at home I can use to work on my upper body and I have an exercise ball as well. I can also so sit ups at home…...

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