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Cisco Week 1 Hw

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Kelsie Imaduddin
WAN Technology and Application
Week 1 Homework
Assignment 1.1

Vocab Exercise: Matching
13. o
14. x
15. u
16. b
17. e
18. p
19. g
20. i
21. c
22. k
23. s
24. m

13. o
14. x
15. u
16. b
17. e
18. p
19. g
20. i
21. c
22. k
23. s
24. m

1. n
2. h
3. v
4. j
5. q
6. r
7. i
8. a
9. i
10. w
11. d
12. f

Concept Questions:
1. The most important function of the router is to direct the traffic of data across a network.
It allow for the user to control the movement and flow of the data. Forwarding the data on it next destination is the destination is available, even filtering out certain data in some instances.

2. A default gateway in computer networking is the node that is assumed to know how to forward packets on to other networks. Typically in a TCP/IP network, nodes such as servers, workstations and network devices each have a defined default route setting, (pointing to the default gateway), defining where to send packets for IP addresses for which they can determine no specific route. The gateway is by definition a router.

3. In a WAN link the DTE is the local router handling traffic on the LAN. The DCE is the modem connecting to the telco and also provides the clock rate. These two devices together allow connection to the WAN

4. A router is a device that transfers and deciphers data between two networks. It identify traffic coming into and sending it where is needs to go. It was control the traffic heading out to the next device in the data’s path.

Vocab Exercise: Completion
1. route
2. Cisco IOS
3. software
4. ROM
5. Fast Ethernet
6. serial
7. Rom
9. RAM
10. Routing
11. Config
13. config
14. Flash Memory
15. IOS
16. ROM
17. POST
18. Interface
19. IOS
20. RAM
21. LAN
22. WAN
23. Serial
24. Straight­thru
25. Straight­thru
26. Crossover
27. Serial
28. RJ­45
29. Console
30. AUX
31. Terminal

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