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CNN vs. Fox News
March 3, 2014

CNN vs Foxnews There are a number of news outlets currently available online, but no two are as big as and These two media giants control most of the coverage on news stories circulating the globe. Although, nothing is covered as heavily as the presidential election in the United States. The two websites, and their affiliated television channels have hosted multiple debates and both have nearly twenty four seven coverage of the current national election. For most individuals, this would be the end of the two media giant’s similarities as they are considered to be very different ideologically. One author states, “In their coverage of the invasion of Iraq, CNN and FNC broadcast two distinct ideological news cultures.” (Silcock 2008). The writings to follow, will take you on a journey of the key differences and similarities of these two successful companies.
Similarities has long been regarded as a more liberal sources than its counterpart, this may be true in some instances, but certainly not all. While most people would disagree with that statement, it is relatively closer to the truth than thinking that CNN is a very liberal source. In most instances online, the two sources have very similar headlines, and their stories are much closer to being aligned than one would expect. For example, on the main headline is “Trump is a fraud,” whereas on it is “Trump, Romney feud erupts with Mitt calling Donald a 'phony' and 'fraud', Trump calling Mitt a 'failed candidate'.” Although, these two headlines are differing in verbiage, they are essentially the same. The first statement states that Donald Trump is a fraudulent candidate, but the second states the same, while adding Donald Trumps response. Therefore, the statements are the same, with adding more information.
Fox News
The true difference between these two media outlets is that is more inept to drown the Democratic Party, while propping up the Republicans. Along with the headlines stated above there were also several other headlines that had highlighted, the first was “BIG CASH BOOST: Labor unions gave $420 million to Democrats, left-wing groups from 2012-14, report shows.” This headline, and article, was attempting to show that Republicans are not the only individuals receiving large sums of cash from wealthy donors. It was also showing that these funds are coming from union member dues, as stated in the article “Berman says that union members, many of whom vote Republican, have no choice in where their dues are sent” (Chiaramonte 2016). Another headline that was highlighted on was “Napolitano: Hillary ‘conspiracy’ starting to unveil.” This headline takes viewers to a video attacking Hillary Clinton over the classified email scandal. These two articles are clearly attacking the Democratic Party and their candidates. Besides, these two statements on their landing page, there were over a dozen clearly taking the side of all the other candidates on the Republican side. Undoubtedly is attempting to sway people’s views towards the conservative nominees.
The other website, has many headlines on both sides of the political realm, including articles stating “Hillary is looking on to the general election,” and that “Sanders is not backing down.” Then there are also a few articles referencing Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, this is showing an unbiased approach. The article referencing Hillary Clinton outlines her path to the election without Sanders standing in the way, based mostly on the amount of delegates that she was awarded thus far. The Sanders article expressed his willingness to draw the primaries out as long as possible, especially with the money that he has generated thus far. The two articles on the other end of the spectrum, with Ted and Marco, were attempting to show that they were both very much still in the race and not going away. Therefore, was clearly attempting to show an unbiased view to its readers.
In conclusion, the two websites are very different in there bias towards reporting, where is very bias, it seems is unbiased. This can be shown by attempting to find one article showing any type of positive outlook on the Democratic Party on With this being said, there were still many similarities on the stories that they were both reporting on, thus showing that their ideology within stories may be similar, but which stories they choose to report on very different. In the end it is just a story of bias, as are most when it comes to fundamental differences between two people, groups, or organizations.

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