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Comparing Two Articles About the Same Incident

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Comparing two articles about the same incident

Both texts are about a woman named Laura Jane Lamont, who was driving too fast because she had a sick father at home, waiting. The police waved to her, but she had impaled up to 70 mph. The police caught her first when she got home. Laura was fined £ 20 and had taken his license for, a year.

Text A is very simple text because there are not many details about her, and the history is very direct. There are used longer sentences and the way it is written is frozen and there is not so many emotions in the text. There is much focus on the situation itself and the subsequent judgment. Such kind of text can be found in, the newspaper "The Gardian”. In text B focuses more on the Jane Lomant 's history and situation. Text B is very detailed, caring, and understanding in relation to the text A. This kind of text can for example be found in the newspaper, "The Daily Mirror". A prime example is started with "A hat designer, Laura Jane Lamont " in the text A, which only told about what she is, while the text B is started , more affectionately , "Lovely fashion -girl Laura Lamont " . Here you can also see the difference in terms of the three different texts.
In the two texts, there is another difference that is eye-catching. It is the facts they give in the texts, they both have a hand facts, but in text A, there is more focus on the time when it happened i.e. date and her age. And in text B is more focused on her relationship with her father, where she had been and why she did what she did.
In basically both texts are on the same subject, but the layout of the text is different. In text A, there is written that she was fined 20£ in the beginning of the text, while in text B it's written in the middle of the text. Text A written very objectively, and this is seen, for example, by this phrase, "…A police-car had seen the woman's car proceeding down Cornmarket Street at 11.30 without sidelights..". While text B is subjective and she defended that she had forgotten to turn bright, ”..Laura, returning from a night out, had forgotten to put her sidelight on”.

In text B the author has used ethos and pathos. Ethos is used to catch the reader's attention , and pathos is used to show us readers , her fear and concern for her father, " Lovely fashion- girl Laura Lamont sped home at 70 mph - because her invalid father was waiting up for her.." . There's also been sympathy between Laura's situation and the readers by telling about his father's concern. And in the text A is used logos, for example, there is more emphasis on the most important and the crime itself. As I said, spent many facts, such as, "Laura Jane Lamont (33)" or "...The magistrate, Mr. TN Walls… " . Logos are also used to judge the case; the judge did not worry for a single person, but the entire population, "… What worries me is that you were driving at 70 mph in a built - up area".
I have personally taken pity of Laura and her concern for her sick father when I am able to follow her in her love for her father. The article has both informed me and has created an understanding of how much the family can actually mean to someone when she had not even seen the police waving her.…...

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