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Comparison of Views on Jesus as the Messiah

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Christianity, Islam and Judaism
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Comparison of Views on Jesus as the Messiah Matters of faith or religions are one of the major issues that form trends globally. The main religions well practiced today include Christianity, Judaism religion and Islam. Roughly, four billion people globally identify themselves within either of the religions. The three religions share so many similarities and differences depending on the topic and what their Holy book instructs them. The Christians will follow what the Bible says, and the Muslims strictly obey the Quran. On the other hand, the Judaism religion takes their teachings from their holy book The Hebrew Tabakh. These religions have often been subjects of engender disagreements. The disagreements have often kept communities apart, created divisiveness, ended friendships and sometimes lead to violence. If one analyzed the religions of the world, you would realize that so many aspects are same which include central beliefs, doctrines and morality. All of them trace their origin from Abraham. The Muslims, Christians and the Jews believe that God is responsible for designing and creating the whole Universe and anything that is in it. This belief in one God makes all the religions Monotheistic. Although there are fundamental commonalities that are evident in the three principal religions, the greatest difference that exist between Christianity and both Judaism and Islam is what they believe and how they see Jesus Christ and his identity as the Messiah (Neusner, Chilton & Graham, 2002). Before we come to the main discussion of Jesus, this paragraph will try to reveal some of the comparisons; Comparison within the religions. First is the origin of the names. Christian as a word has its origin from the Greek “Christos” while the Islam is…...

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