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Conflict of Interest

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1) Introductions

2)Definition of terms

a, career

b, success

c. Career success

d, objective career success

e, subjective career success

3).types of career success

a, objective/extrinsic career success

b, subjective/intrinsic career success

4.contribution of the big five on career success

a, neuroticism

b, extraversion

c, openness to experience

d, agreeableness

e, conscientiousness

5.criticism on theories of career success




Have you ever wondered why some people are very successful in their careers while others are not?

Well, many of the most successful people have a greater fulfillment in their personal and family lives. They understand both their career and life priorities, they develop a plan based on these priorities and they use their time wisely.

It is worth noting, that, career success is of concern not only to individuals, but also to organizations because, employee's personal success can eventually contribute to organizational success. This, among other reasons is why various writers have address this issue of careers success in their various articles,some of these writers include ;Thorndike, Hilton, everest Hughes, van manner among others.

Definition of terms


Arthur, hall and Lawrence define career as unfolding sequence of a person's work experience over time.


Is define as the achievement of a desired object or end or the attainment of wealth of fame. 2

Career success

Defined in terms of the positive psychological and work related outcomes accumulated as a result of one's work experience.

Objective career success

Defined by Everett Hughes as the directly observable, measurable and verifiable by an impartial third party.

In addition according to van maanen, he defines objective career…...

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