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Course Project: Applied Information Technology Project

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Course Project: Applied Information Technology Project
MIS 535 – Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Prof. Richard Dixon

Table of Contents 1. Abstract 2. Brief Company Background 3. Discussion of business problems 4. High Level solution 5. Benefits of solving the problem 6. Business/Technical approach 7. Business process changes 8. Technology or business practices used to augment the solution 9. Conclusions and overall recommendations 10. High-level implementation plan 11. Summary of project


Brief Company Background
The organization that will be the topic of my discussion in my final project paper is Cook County Health and Hospital System (CCHHS) in Cook County, Illinois. The Cook County Health and Hospitals System is the safety net for health care in Chicago, suburban Cook County, and unincorporated Cook County boundaries. There are three hospitals in the Cook County Health and Hospital System. John H. Stroger Hospital is the main hospital in the system, which is located in the Illinois Medical District on the Near West Side in Chicago. Stroger Hospital serves as the primary public provider for medical services for Cook County. The other two hospitals are, Provident Hospital is located on Chicago’s south side, and Oak Forest Hospital is located in the south suburb of Oak Forest. Not only is there three hospitals in the system, but also 16 Ambulatory and Community Health Care Clinics. My role in CCHHS, is being the Administrative Assistant IV in the Medical Surgical Department, under the direction of the Medical Director, formally Chief Medical Officer, at Cermak Health Services of Cook County. Cermak Health Services is special in CCHHS, because we oversee the health care for patients/inmates of Cook County Department of Corrections, inside Cook County Department of Corrections. Cermak Health Services is the daily healthcare provider of an average of 11,000 detainees at the Cook County Department of Corrections and the Department of Community Supervision and Intervention. Cermak is also the healthcare provider to about 400 children housed in the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. The Cook County Department of Corrections is located near the Southwest side of Chicago. Cermak Health Services has lead the way on developing innovation that has improved correctional health care and is one of the largest providers of mental health care in the county (reference). Corrections has also one of the best records in the prevention of suicides in the nation (reference). As the largest single site of correctional health services in the country, the 150,000 square foot facility provides primary care, specialty care, dental services, mental health services, laboratory work, a pharmacy, rehabilitative care, and a 129 bed infirmary. Cermak also provides subspecialty clinics and dialysis on site. Cermak is the hub to all health services for the ten divisional dispensary clinics, male and female intake, and residential treatment units. Cermak is committed to primary care and serves as a public health model of care. Cermak Actively works to treat and prevent chronic and communicable diseases, including AIDS and tuberculosis, as well as to provide general and basic care that meets the needs of our population (reference).
Discussion of business problem
Cermak Health services the largest single site of correctional health in the county, the 150,000 square foot facility proves to be the biggest obstacle for providing care. Not only is the facility the biggest in the country, it is also one of the oldest in the county. Some of the buildings in the facility are over 100 years old.

Cook County Government, Illinois – Cermak Health Services.
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