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Cultural Diverse Workforce on Leadership

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Outcomes of a Cultural Diverse Workforce on leadership
Eligio Solis
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This paper explores three articles that reports on results for research on the positive and negative outcomes for leadership when working whit diverse workforce. These articles explore different perspectives of diverse workforce and its challenges. These challenges are mainly affected by the different types of culture and personalities that employees bring to organization mainly affecting its leaders.

Outcomes of a Cultural Diverse Workforce
Diversity is becoming more common among organizations and its rapid growth especially in the United States, is creating challenges across the globe. Diversity is not just defined for the different type of cultures that there is within an organization, there are other definitions to diversity. You can also find diversity in organization from the gender of a person, the sexual preference, religion, nationality, age and color. Diversity refers to an individual differences, that are within each person and creating some challenges for the organizations. Research shows that a diverse workplace can challenge the leader’s skills, attract top performers and eventually making corporations more global competitive by adapting to new culture and having more proficient leaders.
Diversity is becoming more common among organizations and it is rapidly growing in this business. Diversity is refers to the differences between individuals weather is cultural backgrounds, race, religion, genetic, sexual preference, and physical abilities or inabilities, between individuals. There are many characteristics to diversity, two of the most common found in organizations are sex and cultural backgrounds which is generally introduce through training for the employees. These trainings had being proven by research to be very effective,…...

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