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Cultures in Comparison: Japan Versus the United States

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Monica Symonette
Human Sexuality Education HSC3133
Cultures in Comparison: Japan versus the United States
Friday April 12, 2013

Sexuality is definitely a major component of life. Without recognizing the importance of sexuality, no one would exist. The most transparent way to define sexuality is the properties that distinguish organisms based on their reproductive roles. When referring to sexuality, many components must be considered such as geographic locations, religion, culture, moral, and ethical values. Culture may be one of the most significant influences on sexuality, since it characterizes a group of people by religion, cuisine, language, and social habits. Culture can influence whether someone is public or private about sexuality. The Japanese culture is unique in many ways, especially in sexuality. Japan is an island nation located in East Asia. This nation is governed in a democratic parliamentary style. It has a population just over 127 million that is remaining steady. Most Japanese citizens practice Shintoism and Buddhism as religions and speak the primary language Japanese. The inhabitants of Japan are generally thin since the obesity rate is extremely low estimated at three percent. The rate of people living with HIV/AIDS is estimated at 8,100 out of the entire population. On the contrary, the literacy rate is extremely high at ninety-nine percent. Based on statistical information and facts in history, the Japanese culture differs in many ways from the American culture in the United States. Sex education, pre-marital sexual activity, and marriage and family draw the line between sexuality in the Japanese and American cultures.
Marriage and Family Marriage is considered to be a wonderful and sacred union between a man and a woman. After this union, the husband and wife would have children and create a family. As…...

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