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Customer Behaviour and Luxury Car

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Consumer behaviour is extremely complex ever changing matter that is based on many aspects such as culture, social class, life style, gender, locations and many other things. Either purchasing for a need or a want. Motives for purchasing or owning something is different. Automotive industry for instance, individuals can buy car because it will save them time, effort to go to work. Others can buy a car while already having another one for the “fun, joy” of having it.

Information process model points out the consumer as a an individual that is capable of reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning who find a solution to concerns or problems to make purchasing decisions (HOLBROOK and HIRSCHMAN, 1982). This model is questionable in terms of that it has a lack of attention towards the consumption phenomena where feelings effect the consumers behaviour.

If we would consider the “consumption” of a luxury car, could we consider it from a information processing perspective? “Consumption has begun to be seen as involving a steady flow of fantasies, feelings, and fun encompassed by what we call the "experiential view."” (HOLBROOK and HIRSCHMAN, 1982: 132) This is where consumers “experience” by actual “consuming” the product (or service). There is a difference between “purchase / buying” and consuming. Consuming is simply “experiencing the product by actually consuming it” (HOLBROOK and HIRSCHMAN, 1982: 137). So the term “consuming” in the perspective of “experiencing” something is something far away from rationally thinking about something, information process is something that is far away from “feeling”.

Information process model when it comes to purchasing/buying a luxury car would be based on different aspects that effect the decision making process of the individual that desires to buy that car. The access of information was never made easy. Now with technology, individuals can access information where they can rationally think about what they are buying. “ information availability and the use of this information by consumers has so profoundly affected consumer purchasing behaviour” (Clemons, 2008: 14).

While viewing the purchasing process model (Baines, P., Fill, C. & Page, K, 2011) in terms of

Motive Development: Where supposedly there is a problem that needs solving by buying such product. I can see from where I live in (Kuwait) the social class and lifestyle & social grade totally effects the decision making of cars. Individuals from certain families must have luxury cars. Actually Arabs compete with each other on how has a higher, more luxurious life style. On a personal note, I have never seen such luxurious cars in Canada, USA or Europe as much as I have seen them in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Dubai! Social aspects would be a motive for such “Car”

Proposition evaluation: This is where consumers evaluate the proposition (Baines, P., Fill, C. & Page, K, 2011: 85). When it comes to luxury cars, the “irrational” evaluation of the proposition will be more dominant, since the “luxury” car is really not a need as much as it is something that “should” bring more happiness. So it is closer to a desire, if the motive is “hey look at me” and that is what will give that person the satisfaction/happiness or what he desires. Then the decision will be totally irrational, probably would be based on what the other people think of that car rather than what do I think of that car. On the other hand there might be other motives that could involve rational evaluation when it comes to buying luxury cars, but I believe they are limited. Maybe it really comes back to identifying what is a luxury car. A 330 sport gear BMW in Canada was considered a luxury car, in Kuwait it is “a car”. This is where culture effects the value of the product.

Acquisition/ purchase: Definitely infrequent.

Re-evaluation: If the purchase would not fit our circumstances by any reason, probably one would feel guilty. When it comes to a luxury car and that it is an infrequent purchasing product. Then most probably if income is not high enough to give me such lifestyle, social class advantage of obtaining that car that would lead to guilt in sometime.

In terms of “experience” as in experiencing such product by consuming it, is a method that marketers actually have used to let individuals use their irrational part of decision making to buy a product! “marketers often try to reach out to consumers of experiential products before the actual purchase event to allow them to sample the product and thereby motivate them to make a purchase.” (BISWAS, ROGGEVEEN and GREWAL, 2010: 508). Or make the consumer remember a situation or something he/she experienced that is linked with such product. For example State Farm Insurance compares competitors’ services to the experience someone sitting between two fat guys in a small economy class seat plane. (BISWAS, ROGGEVEEN and GREWAL, 2010).

When it comes to cars! General motors for instance might lose its leading position of being the world’s largest car company because “Toyota” is more interesting!! (Clemons, 2008: 19)

When it comes to luxury cars, the feeling is the dominant motive. On a personal note, how many people talk to their cars and have names for them! (I do ). If the car is not for a need, and it is a luxury (on whatever social class or social grade scale) then I believe the dominant purchasing motive and behaviour is emotional that is based on feeling and relationship between the person and the car. Since it will be a non frequent purchase, expensive & since it is not a need and a luxury then the purpose is “happiness or joy” then the “experience” factor is the most important or more convenient for marketers to use. That’s why shows like top gears exist! They actually transform the feeling of driving certain cars to the consumers. Like what ford did “The Amazing Race “Ford is selling the experience of driving one of its cars through an online adventure.” (Beattie, Rick, 2011)…...

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