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Dave Chapelle and Maida Galvez Talking About Food Scarcity and Socioeconomic Disparity

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Rhetorical Analysis of Dave Chappelle’s Stand-up and Maida Galvez’s Research Paper
Insufficient intake of healthful food and consequences is a topic of many academic and non-academic talks. Whether authors are writing to share information with readers, like a group of researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, or tell an amusing story, like Dave Chappelle in his standup routine, they make appeals to emotions, authority, or logic to persuade the audience. The choice of persuasive strategies depends on the author’s purpose and expectations of the intended audience.
In the article, Race and Food Availability in an Inner-city Neighborhood, first published online in 15 October 2007, a group of researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine argues that the availability and price of quality foods in grocery stores varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. Conducting a walking survey of food options in East Harlem, NY, they came to conclusion that low-income areas, minority communities, are dominated by fast food restaurants and small stores offering limited selections of healthful foods, when Caucasian neighborhoods are located in close proximity to full-service restaurants and grocery stores offering wide selection of foods. Researchers believe that this food disparities have “implications for racial/ethnic differences in dietary quality, obesity and obesity-related disorders” (Galvez et al. 624).
The title of the article, Race and Food Availability in an Inner-city Neighborhood, the name of the magazine it was published in, Public Health Nutrition, stated in the upper left-hand corner of the paper, and the scientific format, signal an academic discourse. The intended audience are probably like-minded academics in the discourse community. Writing for a discourse community assumes an…...

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