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Debts, Credit and Inventory Costs

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Debits, Credits, and Inventory Costs

Part 1: Double-Accounting Method of Recording When using the double-accounting system, also known as the double-entry method, each transaction on the General Journal and associated account activity catalog must be recorded at least into two accounts. The debit account, often on the left, is denoted by ‘Dr’ while the credit account, often on the right side, is denoted by ‘Cr’. The entries are made depending on the account type, which may be an asset, a liability, an expense account etcetera, or depending on whether the transaction increases the account or decreases it (Lee, 1977). For instance, any transaction noted on the debit side would add to the assets account. Alternatively, a transaction would be entered on the debit side if it lowers the liabilities or the equity. On the other hand, all transactions that lower the assets account would be posted on the credit side. Any transaction that adds to the liabilities or the equity would similarly be entered on the credit side of the General Journal. Debits and credits have effects on particular accounts. A debit entry can increase either an asset account or an expense account, or decrease equity account or a liability account. A credit entry, on the other hand, either increases the liability account or the equity account, or conversely decreases the asset account or the expense account. Therefore, when assets rise, they are recorded in the debit account. However, when they decrease, they are recorded in the credit account. Similarly, when liabilities go up, they are recorded in the credit account and vice versa. When income or revenue increases, it is credited, but when it decreases, it is entered as a debit. An increase in expense is shown on the debit side, while a decrease is shown on the credit side. An increase in equity is noted as credit while…...

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Determinants of Cost of Debt Their exposure in respect of the cost of debt helps them to ensure higher profitability and their potentiality in the banking industry. An effectively functioning financial system requires a banking system that can earn a reasonable return by taking an acceptable level of risks. 2.0 Statement of the problem In order to survive in the long run, it is important for a bank to find out what are the factors influencing cost of debt so that it can take initiatives to increase its profitability and performance. Bank performance is also vitally important for all stakeholders, such as the owners, the investors, the debtors, the creditors, the depositors, the managers of banks, the regulators and the government. In this study the research question is “What are the factors that influence cost of debt of private commercial banks in Bangladesh Capital is an important and critical resource for all companies. The capital resources can be divided into two main categories, namely equity and debt. Equity arises when companies sell some of its ownership rights to gain funds for operation and investing activities. Debt is a contractual agreement, whereby companies borrow an amount of money and repay it with interest within a stipulated time frame. The cost of obtaining and using interest paying liabilities is known as cost of debt. Generally, banks borrow debt through the issuance of......

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...Credit card usage and debts among teenagers Cummins, Haskell and Jenkins’s research study, “Financial Attitudes and Spending Habits of University Freshmen” published in 2011 in the journal Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research, examines two factors that are associated with college students’ credit card indebtedness. The author states that college students’ buying patterns and financial values affect their credit card indebtedness. Specifically, students with a tendency towards compulsive buying are more likely and those with effective financial management are less likely to hold credit card debts. Depth interview data further illustrate the contexts and causes of overusing credit cards as well as solutions for their debt problem. It sheds light on reasons why college students fall into credit card debt and suggests strategies for helping them use credit cards wisely. In the 2012 SCMP news article entitled, “Students responsible with dollars and Cents”, the writer gives statistical data collected from the survey which is conducted by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and the University of Hong Kong. A total of 802 undergraduate students respond to the survey. It indicates that majority of students possess one or more credit cards and one-third accumulate debt. Half of the respondents in this survey know little about credit knowledge which is significantly related to debt levels. The findings suggest that credit education is needed for students to help them......

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...Analysis of credit card debt By: Corrine Owens M3A2 9/15/15 Analysis of credit card debt pg.1 Based upon a balance of 5,270.00 on an APR of 15.53% the calculation is as follows per US BANK: $256.85 per month will pay off your credit card in 24 months. To pay off your credit card balance of $5,270 in 24 months you need to pay $256.85 per month. This includes your additional monthly purchases of $0 and your major purchases. This assumes no additional charges such as late fees. If you keep your monthly payment at $25 it will take more than 360 months(US BANK,2015). Results Summary | Current balance | $5,270 | Current monthly payment | $25 | Monthly charges | $0 | Major purchase 1 | $0 in 0 month(s) | Major purchase 2 | $0 in 0 month(s) | Annual fee | $0 | Interest rate (APR) | 15.53% Pg.2 | Payment required to meet goal of 24 months is $256.85. | Keeping your monthly payment at $25 will take more than 360 months. | | | Because most credit card companies require individuals to pay at least 2% of their balance due, on a balance of...

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