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a. Where will the greatest resistance for excellence in project management come from?

For excellence in project management to be achieved at Macon, inter-departmental coordination is needed. Macon's Line authority used by management also contributes to its failures in project management. The greatest resistance will be from the departments. The strong departmental autonomy at the company will greatly hinder project management excellence. Departmental strong autonomy is backed up with the managers’ line command that gives them the right to make decisions and to give order concerning the production. The problem of superiority is as a result of the strong autonomy. Most of the problems the company is facing is as a result of departmental autonomy that also causes internal competition where Line managers were frequently competing with one another rather than focusing on the best interest of Macon. Each would hope the oilier would be the cause for project delays instead of working together to avoid project delay's altogether. Once dates slipped, fingers were pointed and the problem would worsen over time. Members of the production team have a very poor working relationship with their fellows from the two technical departments and as a result project delay and failure. The organization would require rigorous change management to successfully bring excellence in project management.

Greatest resistance might also come from the executives including the board members, company owners and the vice president. The strong and rigid culture has been instilled in the company since 50 years and as a result, the president's preaching fell on deaf ears. Authoritative support is necessary to execute such strategies and it seems that for Macon Inc., that…...

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