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Describe Which Brand Elements Would Be Most Useful for Differentiating Your Product/Service’s Brand from the Competition.

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Toyota Corolla Essay
The car market industry has recently been referring to Toyota Corolla as a brand equity. Toyota Corolla has won its great reputation from its manufacturer the Toyota Company whichhave specialized in the manufacture of lousy products and at the same time offering the best services to its customers. Offering great customer services and making products as required by the client has won Toyota Company great brand name through the word of mouth which turns out to be a company’s great asset (Muffe & Criofers, 2004). The Toyota Company specializes in building the Stalwart and other reliable vehicles but the car that won it great fame was the Toyota Corolla. Most clients who have opted to buy new vehicles mentioned that they previously owned a Toyota Corolla once (Palm, 2001). They mention reasons such as few cases in which one had to change oil, a tidy and rodent free interior, comfortable, easy pay and efficient in fuel consumption (Palm, 2001).
Toyota Corolla effectively competes with other brands from other companies. Some of these brands include FOCUS from the Ford Company and the JETTA brand. A good example of a case in which the Toyota company competes well above the FOCUS and the JETTA is the fuel consumption rate in which the Toyota Corolla consumes fuel at a rate of 68.9%.In contrast, the FOCUS consumes fuel at a rate of 74.2% while the JETTA at 70.5%.The consumption rate previously mentioned is measured in miles per gallon (MPG) (Palm, 2001).
The three vehicle brands are equipped with 16’’Alloys in the wheels, but consumers prefer using Toyota Corolla since it is equipped with extra features as compared to the FOCUS and the JETTA. A Toyota Corolla has seven airbags as compared to the other two band which have six airbags (Toyota Company, 2002). It has a parking aid camera that helps the user see the rear and the front while parking. The…...

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