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Augustine Appiah Dankwah
BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Health and Social Care
Unit 4: Development through the Life stages
For two of the life stages of your famous individual, discuss the nature/nurture debate in relation to their development. (PIES)
For this assignment, my famous individual is Lewis Hamilton. I am going to look at how the nature-nurture debate manifests itself in two of his life stages.
The nature-nurture debate is a concept debated by some theorist who argue that we are born the way we are; nature. And that we are brought up and influenced by our surroundings that make us the way we are; nurture
We are going to look at Lewis Hamilton’s childhood and adulthood in relation to the nature-nurture debate
4-9years; childhood
At this stage, physically Lewis was a healthy child. In relation to the nature-nurture debate, it can be said that Lewis’s health was based on how well he was looked after by his parents, the nurture debate. Also when we look at the nature debate, we could also argue that he had good health because he was born healthy, aspiring to the nature debate.
At the age of six, he had the ability to use a radio-controlled car and to ride a go-kart. This ability is more a nurture debate because it was his father that nurtured him to have this ability by buying him a radio-controlled car and go-kart. His father encouraged him. He would not have this ability at birth.
Intellectually Lewis attended John Henry Newham School in Stevenage from the age of eight years old. As well as going go-kart racing. School education and go-kart racing are all nurtured abilities.
By the age of six years old he could ride a go-kart all by himself, emotionally he showed a lot of self-confidence by this. His self-confidence can be seen as nature ability because it’s inbuilt and unique to him. He was also emotionally attached to his father,…...

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