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Differences Between Men and Women

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Have you ever thought that why people are different from each other? There are many differences such as intelligence, opinions, appearances, personalities which are the most basic one. Genders represent the differences and also similarities between men and women. Both sexes differ from each other greatly in some respect such as physical power, communication and also emotional needs.
Body Paragraph: A) Topic Sentence 1: We can clearly see that there are big differences in men and women physical power.

-Supporting details: Average height of men is much longer than women and they are also heavier than women. These two physical featured enable men to be 30% much more stronger than women.

-Supporting details: Men tend to have more muscle whereas female body is generally composed at a greater body fat percentage. Men have a lower fat percentage than women. A healthy range for men is 10% to 15% of body fat whereas a woman is between 20% and 25% of body fat.

-Supporting details: When the body accumulates excess fat, male bodies store it in their abdominal region while women store it in their hip area.

-Concluding Sentence: Men have additional advantages in that their resting metabolism is higher than women.

B) Topic Sentence 2: There are also big differences between how a men and a women communicate with each other.

-Supporting details: Men converse with a focus on achieving social status and avoiding failure, while women focus on achieving personal connection and avoiding social isolation. Men want to report, women want rapport.

-Supporting details: Women desire intimacy in conversation to feel connected to others while men desire to give information while remaining independent at the other party. Men are comfortable telling others what to do and appearing ‘superior’ but women will try to avoid the appearance of ‘superiority’.

-Supporting details: Women want to reach consensus and consult with others before deciding but men want to get straight to the bottom line and choose without consulting.

-Concluding Sentence: Women communicate to build relationship while men communicate to give information, solve problem and show expertise.

C) Topic Sentence 3: Consider the fact, that both men and women are human and they have the same emotional world.

-Supporting details: Emotions works with the same mechanisms in both genders. It’s not something that divides us. Emotions connect people. Emotions arise in the brain, we have the same working brain we only may think different some times because our world view differs, but deeply we are the same.

-Supporting details: Men have been forced to conceal their emotions, but are just as emotional. Throughout history, societies have expected men to be "tough", "macho" and un-phased by moments of sadness. This has meant that as young boys grow up, although they remain as sensitive as girls, they feel the need to bottle up their emotions in fear that they may not appear as manly as their peers, who also are concealing their own feelings.

-Supporting details: Just because women are given the stereotype of being tender and nurturing doesn’t mean that women need to be loved and appreciated more than men. And likewise, men don’t need to make excuses for wanting to be loved and appreciated just because they are stereotyped as tough and unemotional.

-Concluding Sentence: We are all human beings and we all desire to be loved, appreciated, and accepted by our kin and the other people in our lives.
All in all, it may be accepted that men and women have both similarities and differences. Aside from the differences in physical power and communication, men and women are alike in some way such as emotional need. Due to these facts, people, namely men and women, undertake different tasks, responsibilities. It shouldn’t be important to share all the things equally between man and woman; the important thing is to be understanding and to help each other.…...

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