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Disappearing Social Grace in the Modern Time

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Disappearing Social Grace in the Modern Time

~ The line between the public life and private life has been erased, due to the rapid decline of manners and courtesy. There is a certain crudeness and crassness that has suddenly become accepted behavior, even desirable. ~ Fannie Flagg, author of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café.
The days of “Please, May I and thank you” is apparently diminishing. The much talked about “next generation” is either entangled in social networking sites or are much too busy dallying around. At this rate, manners and etiquettes may soon be wiped out from our society.
The disappearing social grace in this day and age is truly a cause for concern. The biggest problem of today’s generation is freedom. Well, excess freedom to be precise. This freedom entered our society in a sudden flood of rights which people hadn’t expected before.
In the name of these rights we are now willing to go to any extent to achieve what we want. Throughout this struggle we have forgotten the line between decency and downright rudeness. We have forgotten that our words, our actions hold the power to hurt someone’s sentiments.
If we cannot show gratitude towards one another, then why should we go around offending people? Ever heard of karma? Whatever goes around comes around. If your demeanor exudes ill breeding then I’m afraid others would definitely treat in the same manner.
In today’s culture there is a huge distinction between the social classes of the society. The rich and powerful are highly esteemed, whether they are respectful towards the lower classes or not. The norms of the society must be changed otherwise we will lose our way towards progression.
It’s a shame that in such a budding era, we are holding ourselves back only because of a trivial matter- rudeness.
The bottom line is that our society is heading nowhere…...

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