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Does the Bible Say That Some Will Never Be Saved

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Does the Bible Say That Some Will Never Be Saved?

Gale: Ok, Cathy, before I ask the question for paragraph 17, can you read the scripture at Ps 37:10,11? I know the scripture is partially quoted, but you can go ahead and read it.

Cathy: Alright, Ps 37:10,11 says: [READS]

You know, Gale, I forgot to mention before we started the study that when I was preparing for my study and I read this scripture, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is it true that some people will never be saved?

Gale: That’s an interesting question you ask, Cathy. But let me first ask you this question: If you could live forever, would you rather in a world filled with sickness, crime, and greed? Or in a world filled with love, happiness, and endless enjoyment?

Cathy: Of course I would rather live in a world with love, happiness, and enjoyment!

Gale: Exactly. So with that in mind, let’s turn to in the Bible to Rev 21:8. You can read that as well.

Cathy: [READS]

Gale: So who does the Bible describes as not being saved, or receiving the second death?

Cathy: It says those without faith, murderers, liars, the sexually immoral…

Gale: And the list goes on. Therefore, anyone having received the accurate knowledge of truth and deliberately continue to practice sin afterwards is not forgiven. And that is why Jehovah says that not all will be saved. He is our loving Father and right now he hates the condition we are living in. Do you think he will allow us to live forever in a world with conditions as they are today?

Cathy: Definitely not. Now that you put it that way, I can see why “the wicked will be no more.”

Gale: Yes. Now the Bible talks about the separation of people. Let’s see why at Matt 7:13, 14. This scripture will help to put more in perspective of what we’ve been discussing.

Cathy: [READS]

Gale: So these two verses emphasize what?

Cathy: Um, that there are a…...

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