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Personal and Organizational Development
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Moving from education to employment: A reflective commentary


Andrew Fong Kok Chian
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Executive Summary
This reflective commentary is to allow myself to know more about the current graduate employment market, hence determine whether I am suitable for the job that I want.
The target position that I am interested is, being a business development manager in an established engineering company. Being in this position, the basic requirement that is needed from me will be my knowledge of products, target market and the means of advertising.
As a business development manager, essential skill set will be needed, such as the ability to evaluate data, convey the message effectively, digital marketing knowledge and to have a healthy and good relationship within the company
As the engineering industry is evolving every day, I need to have the self-motivation in updating myself with knowledge, so as to be able to understand how my product would perform as well as the target market in the oil and gas industry.

From the study of the employment requirement, I will have a better understanding on what is essential for myself to improve on, in terms of qualifications and skills. By completing this reflective commentary, it also gives me a comprehensive analysis on what is needed to achieve being a successful business development manager.
In this reflective commentary, there will be three segments that I will be covering.
In segment one, I will compile a detailed investigation on the present employment market and determine the opportunities for the different employment pre-requisite. To achieving this, I will investigate and compare into the engineering industry through several companies, so to have a clearer picture what is required of a business…...

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