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Double D Trucking

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Assignment 2

Double D Trucking

Author: JB

Date of Submission: 21-May-2013

Faculty: Science & Engineering


I hereby certify that this material, which I now submit for assessment on the programme of study “PT3061_12A Deliver & Return within Supply Chains” is entirely my own work and has not been taken from the work of others save and to the extent that such work has been cited and acknowledged within the text of my work.

Name of Candidate: JB

Signature of Candidate: ________________________

Date: _21-May-2013___________

Table of Contents

1 Declaration 2

2 Questions & Assumptions 4

3 Answers 5

Questions & Assumptions.

1 Assess the conclusion reached by Douglas Dean regarding the nature of today's trucking industry and shipper demand characteristics

2 Do you agree that the logical strategic thrust that Double D is to vertically integrate and provide other logistics services? Why and why not?

1 Describe the analytical process you would use to evaluate alternative services being added to Double D’s market offering

1 Describe the value added service you would recommend that the strategic planning team consider for Double D.

Assumptions: - Double D have little or no warehousing except maybe a yard or yards to store their fleet at different location. They do not have the infrastructure, people or know how to operate in this space. Also note that their trucks return empty from deliveries. I assume contracts are in place with agreed rates and KPI’s with Auto Suppliers only.

Auto Makers = Car manufacturers

Auto suppliers = Supply parts/components to manufacture the cars.

I see both are…...

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