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The reader or audience for the text ideally must care enough to read or otherwise take in the text and pay attention. A rhetorical situation invites audience responses and results. Most authors have a targeted reading audience in mind. An audience might change their views as a conclusion and will mediate change or act in a new way. The author creates an argument to convince a particular audience. The text is the argument. Whether it is written, visual, or spoken, the text will have characteristics you can analyze. The end or conclusion either summarizes by restating important points or concludes by emphasizing the most important point, whatever it is that the author wants you to accept, remember, believe or agree.

A Bare Bones Guide to Persuasive Writing

The audience of this article is interested in the art of persuasive writing as told by the author Rod Baird. The Author’s purpose is to show how the art of persuasion is more like the art of debate. The reasoning for this is because one can begin by stating their opinion and then show evidence to support it. The author goes as far to point out eight helpful techniques that will help you come up with an effective argument in your persuasive writing. Personal appeal, tone, precision, concession, rebuttal, logic, authority and rhetorical question are the eight techniques. The article gives an example of a persuasive writing that came in the form of a letter to a school principal.
The persuasive letter is intended to convince the Principal that the school needs up to date software. The audience is obviously the principal. The purpose is to convince the principal to buy new software for the schools computers and systems. The person gives examples of certain software and explains how and where to get it. The writer also utilizes someone else’s argument to back up his/her own argument. That someone being the parents of students that attend that school. The author ends his persuasive letter by giving the reasoning for needing the up to date software. His reasons were that their production will slow down and cost money in the long run and that it also will hurt the company’s chance to win a prestigious award.…...

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